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Endosulfan The killer pesticide Lethal mutant Fatal destroyer of environment

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Molecular structure of endosulfan

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Endosulfan is widely used in farmlands in Tamil Nadu, and in the elaichi, tea, coffee and cashew-nut plantations in Kasargod and Idukki districts in Kerala.

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The decade long usage of the killer pesticide has led to terrible effects on environment, humans and animals.

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The effects include, acute mental retardation, highly abnormal sexual development, severe hormone defects and neurotoxication etc.

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Abnormal development of skull

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Anomalous condition in organs

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A cow with an abnormal limb

Slide 9: 

What did this child do to be born like this?

Slide 10: 

Am I not a child like you?

Slide 11: 

How should I describe this truth?

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Why this cruelty towards me?

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Enough this game of death…!

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No more lives to be spoiled before birth and after… Ban ENDOSULFAN, save lives of generations and environment

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