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The software developed is a Multispeciality Hospital Management System Software that is designed and developed by Allentics IT Solutions. This software is reliable, easy to use and assures complete security of data. It has been designed keeping in mind today’s complex healthcare system’s requirements and the importance of TIME.


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Hospital Management System In nowadays Hospital/medical sector spreading its wings everywhere throughout the globe for offering best medical services in a systematic specific way. While everything depends upon innovation then why not the Healthcare sector This is the 21st century where every expert depends on software innovations Hospital management system software is one of them. This application will cover the gap between doctors and patients. Simply accessible online information solution is effectively designed with the most recent advances where doctors can easily reach their patients details allergies without wasting too much time also manage all data of patients. For each medicinal services focus it is an extremely vital role to pick a sound arrangement that adequately meets all clinics operational prerequisites. Different undertakings including p a t ie n t ’ s details d oc tor s ’ availability the billing process stock availability laboratory management payroll management daily collection all these things are maintained automatically using the centralized database. Further this software provides a constructive way of maintaining data of all patients diagnostic laboratory management associated with the centralized database. Hospital Management System Software

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What is a Hospital Management System Hospital Management System is a software item suite intended to enhance the quality and management of clinical care and healthcare management associated with medical analysis activity based costing. Hospital Management System software enables multi specialist hospitals as well as smaller health care centers to improve its effectiveness and quality of work. What is the need of Hospital Management System With increasing medical service costs in the current situations there is a necessity to manage the data that health professional need. Hospitals need not only proficient strong management team with lot of decision making at each and every step along with the correctness of the implementation of the managerial process traditional processes of hospital management can be very critical and tedious. This requires the need a proper system that can automate everything without any intervention. The procedures can be computerized and digitized and guarantee an accuracy of the exact stream of data. One of the prime reasons for Hospital Management System is to make Hospital Management System simple and paperless. What are the objectives of Hospital Management System Prime objective of the software is to provide optimum convenience to the users by efficiently maintaining the records of patients given drug dosage stock storage billing and daily money collection processes. The objectives are as follows: 1. To build a level of patient management 2. To improve pa ti e nt’ s registration 3. To maintain patient records 4. Doctors can update the pa ti e nt’ s record with their observations What are the modules of Hospital Management System A wide number of modules live in this application software to totally automate the whole health care system: 1. In-Patient Management. 2. Out-Patient Management 3. Stock Management. 4. Daily collection Report. 5. Centralized Database linked with each Dept. 6. Payroll Management. 7. Data Security. 8. Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Report Management. 9. Accuracy. What are the benefits of Hospital Management system

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1. Robustness. 2. Systems get automated. 3. Reduce the misuse of resource and more cost effective. 4. Work climate and environment gets improved. 5. Improves the employee trust towards organization and motivated. 6. Transparency in the system. This Hospital Management System software is developed by Allentics IT Solutions for multispecialty hospital that is easy to use reliable which assures complete security of data. It has been designed keeping in mind t o d a y ’ s complex healthcare sy ste m ’ s requirements and the importance of TIME. Want more information Get in touch with us: Website: ContactUs:020-27275100

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