PPI Parts Fabricates High-Quality Replacement Mackie & Barmag Parts

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PPI Parts, as the company is also known by, not only offers high-grade Mackie & Barmag parts, but also a range of superior products for Barmag machines, including Godet parts, Texturizing jets, Winder parts, Extrusion parts, Pump, Guides and Pulleys, Electrical parts, and much more.


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These textile machines are designed with intricate, reliable parts with high engineering skills, incorporating computerized control systems, robotics, for fabrication of textile machine parts with high accuracy, quality, and durability. Precision Products Inc ., established at Dalton, GA in 1994, primarily to cater to needs of textile machine parts. The company emerged as a leading manufacturer of sophisticated machine parts, not only for the textile industry but also for other hi-end industries whose need for high reliability and accurate machine parts is crucial. In the line of textile machine parts for branded line up, the company offers Mackie parts, such as spinnerets and other repaired parts. Spinnerets are integral to extrusion of synthetic yarn with fine holes.


The company makes textile machines parts with accurate physical dimensions and accuracy. These parts made with OEM standards cost 15-20% cheaper.


PPI Parts makes machine parts for for an array of textile machines, such as Fare׳, Cognesint Winders, Neumag, Plantex, Rieter, Sahm, STP Impianli, Toray Winders. PPI Parts is a certified company for applying stringent quality checks at every stage of manufacturing. The company offers impeccable after sales service.


2 908 N Dug Gap Rd Dalton GA. 30720 Phone: [800] 220-9221 Fax: [706] 529-5924 Email: [email protected] http://www.ppiparts.com/