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Enjoy the experience of exploring the mystical beauty of many places by availing the tour package of Power Places® Tours. This tour operator offers luxurious accommodation, sumptuous food, and thrilling sight-seeing tours. Avail their tour package for a satisfying and rewarding experience in traveling.


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Power Places Tours:

Power Places Tours Macchu Pichu (Peru) Egypt Greec

Machu Picchu (Peru):

Machu Picchu (Peru) Peru offers a diverse culture, sacred shrines, and the awe-inspiring Andeans Mountains. Explore the inexplicable beauty of the Machu Pichu and all that the Peru package has to offer. Marvel at South America’s Incan civilization that includes Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Southern Columbia.


Greec Be entranced by the serene beaches speckled with islands. Marvel at the archaeological ruins of the Minoan civilization. Explore the Knossos Palace on the Crete Island, which is a noteworthy site here. Have a soul purifying experience in Delphi, Athens, and Crete.


Egypt Egypt is largely a desert, an extension of the great Sahara that bands North Africa. Save for the thin strip of watered land along the Nile River broadening into the Nile delta, very little could survive here. As the ancient Greek historian Herodotus stated: "Egypt is the gift of the Nile".


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