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At Power Places Tours, we are not like the usual full-bus, name-tagged, superficial tours designed for the average tourist. We have designed our experiential tours with special care so that you will not only see the most extraordinary places in the world, but you will also experience them.


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You are about to see The World’s Best.. Beach-based, Mountain-based, Spa-based business On the planet! Power Places Tours


If you had all the money and time in the world… What would you do? Asked 100 people 99 say travel Power Places Tours


The travel Industry The world’s largest industry HUGE Over $7 Trillion in Annual sales Power Places Tours


But it’s not just families… It’s golfers. It’s hunters. It’s honeymooners, teenagers and Baby Boomers. Power Places Tours


How travel was booked is going away. It’s a true “paradigm shift.” Power Places Tours


In 2006 - 63% of travelers bought their travel online. In 2007 - 70% Travel will keep going up… - Convenience - Price - Choice Power Places Tours


It’s called “word of mouth.” And you’ve been doing it for years…. You weren’t teaching. You weren’t selling. You were just talking. Power Places Tours


We just made a better mousetrap. We didn’t invent the Internet. We didn’t even invent Internet travel. Power Places Tours


Power Places Tours is the oldest and largest transformational conference and tour organization in the world. For over 35 years, since Dr. Weiss first coined the term "Power Places™”, unique experiential travel programs have been offered. Power Places Tours


Beyond taking you to the world's most breathtaking spots, you will participate in the extraordinary energy and power of these sacred sites. You will not only see and visit the Power Places, you will experience them. Power Places Tours Inc. offers a unique product in the tour and conference business. Power Places Tours

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