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Identity Theft: Should You Keep Shopping Online? :

Identity Theft: Should You Keep Shopping Online?

…Internet Shopping can be Scary:

…Internet Shopping c an b e Scary In a way, every time you go shopping, you’re gaining and losing something. You gained groceries at the grocery story, but you lost some money through the purchasing transaction. That’s okay. It’s a fair trade, you think to yourself, while going through the checkout motions. Shopping online’s another story. Shopping online removes the bored, disinterested checkout associate from the equation. Instead, you punch in your personal information– the numbers that define your identity and recognition on this overpopulated planet- into a system that you hope is as disinterested in you as the checkout associate is who works on Main Street. But you’re just so unbelievable attached to that pair of blue jeans. You have to have them. You surrender your personal information to the enigma that is the internet, hoping that you will acquire those jeans and that your social security number just vanishes from all internet systems.

Some Scary Statistics:

Some Scary Statistics Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion On a case-by-case basis, that means approximately 7% of all adults have their identities misused with each instance resulting in approximately $3,500 in losses . Quite simply, every individual or business is vulnerable to attack when it comes to personal or corporate information, products, and services . Source: Crime Museum

Exhausted by Internet Shopping:

Exhausted by Internet Shopping With all of the hubbub over the loss of personal data via internet shopping, people feel disgruntled Why shop online, when I won’t risk losing any personal data handing over cash, in person, to the checkout associate? Articles, like this one for Forbes , express the disheartened sentiment many Americans have with regards to internet shopping.

So… Should I Abandon Online Shopping Altogether??:

So… Should I Abandon Online Shopping Altogether??


NO ! Here are some reasons why the risk of losing personal data should NOT keep you away from executing your online purchases

Deals, Deals, Deals!:

Deals, Deals, Deals! Internet Shopping is capable of offering you the best of the best deals on practically everything! Lots of online retailers have low overheard, which means that they are capable of keeping their prices at friendly, low rates. You can save a bunch of money just by shopping online. Of course, you need to shop with a grain of intelligence. This article in Readers Digest offers some tips to keep in mind when shopping online.

Online Reviews Rock! :

Online Reviews Rock! When you’re reading an online review, you know it’s coming from an unbiased source. Purchasing products, retail items, etc. online is, in a way, a rather honest process. You feel like you are receiving recommendations from people like you, who want you to get the best out of your purchase. Unlike at malls, where you’re forced to trust your gut instinct when executing most of your purchasing decisions, shopping online entails a supportive consumer community that sincerely wants you to know that those shoes do, in fact, run a little small. Some Stats: Consumer  reviews are  significantly  more trusted –  nearly 12 times more  – than descriptions  that come from manufacturers.   47% of consumers rely on online reviews  about a product  on a company’s website  over newspapers, magazines or social networking sites before making a purchase decision Source: AddShoppers

Tips for Shopping Safely Online:

Tips for Shopping Safely Online So, you should still shop online, just shop safely! Follow these tips and, for more information, offers more detailed and thorough advice. Choose credit over debit Verify website security- If you’re going to shop online, limit yourself to secure sites. You can tell if a site is secure by the URL. A secure web site starts with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://.  Don’t store information elsewhere- Disposable is better- Don’t use your go-to credit card. Instead, use a disposable one. Disposable credit cards work just like gift cards– using them instead of your primary credit card means that you probably won’t risk losing all of your personal information.

CONCLUSION: Shop Happy & Safely :

CONCLUSION: Shop Happy & Safely Shopping should be effortless fun! As long as you keep your eyes peeled for anything spammy , or too revealing, your online shopping experience shouldn’t be so risky. You can finally enjoy that pair of blue jeans without feeling as though you’ve sacrificed some top-secret, super important, personal information. Own your online purchases and own yourself!

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