How To Help Prevent Identity Theft

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How To Help Prevent Identity Theft:

How To Help Prevent Identity Theft Quick Tips For Avoiding A Headache

How Common Is Identity Theft?:

How Common Is Identity Theft? Since 2005 – 4,000 cases of data breach according to 600 million records According to Public Citizen In 2010 – 7% of all American households were victims of some form of identity theft or data breach

People face situations like this…:

People face situations like this… ALL THE TIME Forbes published an article regarding data breach. There are hundreds of Americans who suffer from identity theft after making online purchases, either because their computer or personal accounts where hacked or the most common when data breach occurs.


So… How Can You Prevent This?

How To Secure Your Info Offline:

How To Secure Your Info Offline Lock all the important documents in your home Financial documents Social Security Limit what you carry Only take ID and necessary credit/debit cards Leave Social Security card at home! Shred important documents that aren’t necessary Receipts, credit offers, credit applications, insurance forms, checks, bank statements, expired cards, etc. Learn more at the Federal Trade Commission

How To Secure Your Info Online:

How To Secure Your Info Online Beware of Impersonators Don’t give out information on the phone unless you absolutely know who you’re dealing with Don’t give out your information from unfamiliar email addresses Wipe Information If you’re disposing of a computer, wipe the information from the hard drive Password Protection Create strong passwords with capital letters, numbers AND special characters Private

Protect Your Information:

Protect Your Information You can’t completely be safe but taking these precautions will help you and your information stay safe!

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