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Hackers Our Worst Nightmare

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Hack- er : a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. ( Wikipedia )

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Hackers spend enormous amounts of time trying to breach the security of networks, webservers, and email servers. Specialized software is utilized to identify weaknesses, which are then exploited

5 Terrible Things Hackers Can Do To You :

5 Terrible Things Hackers Can Do To You 1) Cut your car’s breaks Security specialists at the University of Washington have shown that new cars with computer systems on board can be susceptible to a hacker gaining complete control of the vehicle. 2) Use your computer screen as a two-way mirror Getting access to a webcam is easier than you think in fact, there are sites devoted to unsecure webcams that have been already hacked.

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3) See you naked Full body scanners at airports can be hacked very easily. Last year image were leaked from an airport scanner so privacy breaches are currently a current threat. 4) Hack your email According to abc News email hijacking could be the prelude to identity theft

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5) get your credit card info- are you surprised? The most commons and one of the most devastating things a hacker can do is to steal your credit card information for financial gain. Approximately 15 million United States residents have their personal information stolen and used fraudulently each year. On a case by cases basis losses average to 3,500. How common is it? This Forbes article provides a great example.

Tips to Consider:

Tips to Consider Schedule a scan to occur every week or so on your realtime anti-malware software, during the night or at some time your computer isn’t being used. Make sure the virus definitions for your software are up to date before a scan. Most software updates itself, but it’s good to check. Most firewalls have what are called “Security Prompts”, which will pop up when an unknown process begins. If you have initiated a program or some action on your own, then for the most part it’s ok and you can accept it. If you have not, block it.


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