Do Security Doors Come with a Warranty

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Do Security Doors Come with a Warranty Portlite -

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Doors are not just to improve the look of your house but they play a critical role in providing security to it. Therefore it is all the more essential to find doors that serve both purposes efficiently. You can find a long array of makers of security doors Adelaide but choosing one that is readily available and most efficient could be crucial. It will help if you compare various choices. When you browse the list and choose one there is an important parameter that you should never forget that it is the warranty. It is essential because you will be paying handsome money for a security door. Do you get security doors with a warranty Well not all of them but a few come with a warranty.

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Security Door With a Warranty Some doors are supplied with seven years warranty of mesh or door frames. Some offer even a ten or fifteen years warranty as well. There are limited warranties against faulty material of screen or door. A few models offer two years warranty against faulty workmanship. Hardware such that bolts and locks don ’t carry any warranty as they are prone to damage. However there are one or two models that offer a warranty on locks. There is one thing common no guarantee is given against misuse accidental damage or abuse. Poor maintenance or depreciation of these products and materials are also not covered under warranty.

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What is Covered Under Warranty Usually companies assure that they will repair or replace at no cost parts of a product or product that proves faulty under regular use and maintenance because of defective workmanship or material. It however doesn ’t cover faults that occurred after installation due to misuse. Even scratches dents and scuffs that are not brought into notice at the time of installation are not covered. The buyer is supposed to pay a service call out charge if a fault or defect that occurred due to misuse is attended by the service person.

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The same holds true with a fault that is deemed not covered under warranty of the product. Sliding doors are more complicated in terms of deciding about the warranty. It has various elements such as rollers and tracks. They are prone to damage due to excessive use and wear. These parts are not covered under warranty. It is very much important to pay attention to the warranty while finalizing a security door if you want value for money.

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