6 Negotiation Skills To Resolve Conflict

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The PPT tells you about the different negotiation skills to resolve the conflict. You need to understand your own position and the position of others too. For more information you can visit : http://www.past-transgressions.com/


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6 Negotiation Skills To Resolve Conflict Presented By : www.past-transgressions.com

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Discussion Approach @past-transgressions.com The approach should be in a discussion style. Selling your points will always not bring success. You need to buy other’s opinion too.


Prepare Well @past-transgressions.com Preparation leads to success. If you prepare well, you can definitely win the battle of conflict. For this, you need to research well on the subject of the conflict.

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Customize Your Response @past-transgressions.com You need to understand the person in front of you and customize your responses accordingly. Negotiation in conflict resolution needs a tailoring of your replies according to the problems.


Understand Your Position @past-transgressions.com You need to understand your own position. You must be aware of your knowledge. Unrealistic position of yourself may lead you to failure to win the battle.


Understand the position of others too.. @past-transgressions.com Negotiation skills should be performed to result a win-win situation. For this you need to understand the stand of others too. You also need to judge whether the person is applying any dishonest means or not.

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Every one is a winner @past-transgressions.com Finally at the end, every one should be satisfied with the result of the negotiation. Thus everybody should be a winner.


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