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Monsam Enterprises Inc. :

Monsam Enterprises Inc.

NSF Certified Portable Sinks:

NSF Certified Portable Sinks At Monsam Enterprises, we carry a range of NSF certified portable sinks in one, two, three and four basin models. Our products with the NSF mark have undergone extensive multiple testing conducted by an independent third party. An NSF stamp indicates a product is safe, healthy and is manufactured or sold by a trustworthy company. 

Non- Electric Portable Sink:

Non- Electric Portable Sink No Electricity? No Drains? No Electric Outlets? No Problem! At Monsam Enterprises, we believe that everyone has the right to hygiene. Which is why our vast range of Portable Sinks are designed to give you water 24/7, no matter your location – at a campground, school picnic, church or outdoor festival.

Portable Sink Trailer:

Portable Sink Trailer We built portable sink trailers as per your custom requirements. Our Portable Sink Trailers come with Safe operation with 4 water pumps, Soap dispensers, Mirrors, proper water inlet and hose connection and optional electric or propane powered water heaters.

Propane Powered Portable Sink:

Propane Powered Portable Sink The Ultimate Freedom Sink If you need hot water at the push of a button (i.e., in seconds), then propane-powered portable sinks are the best choice. A standard propane cylinder requires just under 5 seconds of heating time.

Solid Wood Sink:

Solid Wood Sink Wooden Portable Sink is top of the line in durability and beauty, safe, functional. Every single corner and edge is rounded for safety. At Monsam Enterprises, Wooden Portable sinks are one of our popular models. Encourage hand washing habits and help keep everyone healthy.

Science Lab Portable Sinks:

Science Lab Portable Sinks Science labs are one of those places where you almost certainly need free flowing water. Because in science labs equipment to be rinsed, hands to be washed and experiments to be conducted. Our science lab portable sink models are equipped with cabinets which is great to store classroom essentials.

Stainless Steel Portable Sink:

Stainless Steel Portable Sink Stainless Steel Portable Sinks are self-contained and mobile in design. Most of these portable sinks are heated as well and offer other customizable options such as different colors, adjustable heaters, and goose neck faucets. These Stainless Steel Portable Sinks require no additional plumbing. You just need to add water!

Contact Us:

Monsam Enterprises Inc. 2685 Pittsburg/Antioch Hwy. Antioch, CA 94509 Phone : 800 513-8562 Phone : 925 757-3924 Fax : 925 757-3681 Contact Us