Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious - Unconscious Bias Training!


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If you’re looking for ways to increase your employees’ sensitivity and promote inclusion in the workplace, consider offering unconscious bias training. This program is one aspect of diversity and inclusion training, but it is one that can have a tremendous impact on your employees’ interactions with each other. To learn more about it visit here Address - Company: Pope Consulting, Phone: 833.364.7673, Email: [email protected], Visit:


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Unconscious Bias Training


Did you know, hiring people from different backgrounds creates a more diverse workforce? However, not many organizations are well aware of how to effectively recruit, retain, develop and promote individuals from diverse backgrounds. - Women - Racial/Ethnic Minorities


Everyone has unconscious biases and must learn how to manage and lead in spite of them, rather than as a consequence of them. Unconscious Bias Training teaches individuals and organizations how they can intentionally create an inclusive workplace to retain their diverse hires.


Post undertaking the Unconscious Bias Training, leaders, managers and individual contributors will become conscious of their unconscious biases, will be able to recognize when they are “kicking in” and learn how to behave differently .


The training provides an opportunity for participants to experience their own unconscious bias and translate that learning into how well they can apply it on the job and outside of the workplace as well. - Engaging and impactful experiential exercises rooted in strong theory - Ways to create a safe space for learning to occur - Ways to earn the trust of participants


If you truly believe that having both a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture for everyone will positively impact in delivering productivity, then feel free to contact Pope Consulting .


Visit our website: Email: [email protected] Phone: (833) DNI-POPE (833) 364-7673

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