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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Top 10 SEO Tools in 2019 2 Comments / Digital Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimization SEO is like Game of Thrones you need to battle with your competitors using the right keywords and techniques to be on the top of Search Engine Results. However choosing the right SEO tool is one of the challenges nowadays considering the level of competition out there. But we are here to help you prepare for the battle with the list of best SEO tools handpicked by our experts. There are SEO free tools as well in case you are on a specic budget. Home About Team Services Blog FAQ Contact

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF The Top 10 Must-Have SEO Tools In 2019 SEMrush SEMrush is the Marketer’s favourite tool. It’s one of the best on-page SEO tool to analyse your website and that of your competitors. You can look at your trending articles social shares word count and related keywords all at one place. This makes it easier for you to research well before writing your blog post and helps you analyse it after publishing the post. The best thing about this tool is that it also helps you plan the content for your blog with its content marketing kit. Not just that SEMrush gives about 14M ideas for a single keyword. Just imagine how great that would be for your content chart. Digital Marketing Specialist Brenton Marcum said their keyword strategy for writing copy for blog posts websites social media and their clients is done using SEMrush. Type: Tool

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Pricing: Paid – 99 per month Best for: Keyword research Competitor analysis Key Features: Analyse competitor’s keywords Ad budgets and marketing activities Find less competitive keywords Compare domains side-by-side Get visual data in terms of charts Segmentation of your keywords by topic Perform Site Audit Check your website using On Page SEO Checker Get useful insights about your site’s organic tra c Measure and compare the performance of your content Moz Moz is one of the best SEO tools that is used by many experts. Despite the regular algorithm changes that Google does Moz is one tool that is up to date. Besides it is also known for its chat support to the customers.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Moz comes with a free trial period of 30 days post which you can decide whether to buy it or not. Now that’s something great because most of the paid SEO tools allow you to have a trial for only seven days. The ‘page optimization feature’ is said to be the best as it helps you optimize every single page of the website by clearly mentioning where to make changes or what to add. Type: Software Pricing: Paid – 99 per month post 30 days free trial period Best for: Keyword Research SEO Report SEO Audit Backlink Research Key Features: Allows you to track the keywords for which you’re ranking.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Finds out issues on your website and alerts you about the same. Prioritized recommendations enable you to optimize your web pages. Get custom suggestions that help you create content. Link Explorer helps you nd quality backlinks for your website. Moz Local helps small businesses and enterprises get maximum outputs with minimum eorts. Yoast Yoast is the best SEO plugin for WordPress that lets you optimize your webpage on the go. You can make changes while writing or after writing your blog post. It’s one of the best free SEO tools that not only saves your time but also gives you a live SEO score. You can avail a free version or upgrade to a premium version that comes with added benets. Usually free tool is good enough to get started if you’re a beginner. Yoast SEO is always updated for Google’s algorithm which makes it even more useful.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Type: WordPress Plugin Pricing: Free / Paid Premium version available for 89 per year Best for: SEO Optimization Key Features: Helps you place keywords in the right places Tells Google what your page is precisely all about Preview your page or meta tags without actually publishing it on Google Allows you to control your breadcrumbs No duplication of content Takes care of the technical stu like sitemaps robots.txt le cleaning up URLs etc. Ubersuggest Ubersuggest is everyone’s favourite as it is a free tool for SEO. It’s the lighter version of paid tools. Performing keyword research using Ubersuggest is quite easy you can do it either by entering your competitor’s URL or by entering the seed keyword. The latest update of this tool also allows one to nd out backlinks of your competitor’s site. Not just that you can easily get long-tail and short tail keywords along with SEO di culty.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Type: Online tool Pricing: Free Best for: Keyword Research Backlinks Key Features: Estimated visit counts give you an idea about how much tra c you can get Keyword suggestions based on the entered keyword Get content ideas for your website Provides the backlink data Visit your competitor’s top-ranking pages Seo SiteCheckup

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF SEO Site Checkup is a tool that is useful to optimize your website for SEO. Checking your website manually for errors or issues to be xed is a time taking process but SEO SiteCheckup automatically does it for you. All you need to do is enter your website URL and get a real-time report and xes that are required. This tool solves all the SEO issues instantly with just one click. It’s an excellent tool for beginners as well as professionals. You can monitor your website’s SEO performance on a day-to-day basis and change it accordingly. SEO SiteCheckup is one of the best SEO audit free tool which is available for a free trial period of 14 days. Type:  Tool Pricing: Paid – 24.95 per month post-14-day trial. Best for: SEO Audit Monitoring Competitor Analysis

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Key Features: Analyse your SEO issues instantly Day-to-day SEO monitoring Noties when your SEO score changes Compare your competitor’s SEO side-by-side Generate SEO reports Create automated checkups Ahrefs Ahrefs is one of the best tools for SEO and many bloggers recommended it. This tool crawls the website e ciently and gives almost accurate results. You can perform keyword research by either entering your competitor’s URL or by typing the seed keyword. This gives you a list of keywords both long-tail and short-tail.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF You can lter your keywords according to search volume keyword density paid di culty etc. That’s the best part of this tool. Also it allows you to vomit negative keywords. Ahrefs is freely available for seven days. Type: Tool Pricing: Paid – 99 per month after 7 day trial period Best for: Keyword Research Competitor Analysis Site Audit Content Ideas Key features: Site Explorer for getting insights about organic tra c and backlinks Use Keywords explorer for getting the right keywords Content explorer gives you content ideas Site audit feature shows you the issues that need to be xed Find the content gap of your competitors and generate content for your site Compare multiple links of competitors at once Keyword Planner Keyword Planner is a free tool by google ads. You can use it to nd low competition keywords. However it doesn’t display the search volume precisely.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF The keyword planner is mainly used for paid ad campaigns. It helps you discover new keywords and also shows the bid estimates for those keywords. Type: Tool Pricing: Free Best for: Ad Campaigns Keyword Research Key features: Search the most relevant keywords for your business Find out how often a keyword is searched Gives you suggested bid estimates for each keyword Add the nalized keywords to your advertising plan

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF SEOquake Seoquake is a free tool which is mainly used for competitor research. It’s a browser extension that shows the page data like rank age SERP report and the number of ads from SEMrush Alexa Google rank and Yahoo index. This tool performs an on-page SEO audit by accessing the internal and external links. You can also do keyword analysis and nd out the keyword density. The SEO dashboard is pretty easy to read with a feature to export the data. Type: Browser extension Pricing:  Free Best for: Competitor analysis Key Features:

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Gives internal and external link details of the top ranking links in Google search result pages Get quick insights about any webpage on SEObar and SEO dashboard On-page SEO audit in one click Get social media insights like Facebook likes LinkedIn share count and Pinterest Pin count Answer the public Answer The Public is a keyword research tool that gives a free report of what your consumers are searching. The report is displayed in a visually appealing format with several questions and tags. It’s an online tool for content ideas as well. While the free version gives useful insights you can also go for the Pro version which is benecial for agencies. Type: Online tool Pricing: Free /  Paid Pro version for 99 per month

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Best for: Keyword Research Content Ideas Key Features: Get search results in the form of questions prepositions comparisons alphabetical and other related keywords Displays visual data Allows you to save the displayed data in the form of an image Helps you generate content ideas Keywords Everywhere Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that shows you the search volume CPC and competition on the go. It displays all the Google search queries at one place based on the region right under the Google Search Bar. So you don’t have to keep switching tabs for that purpose.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Also it allows you to download the list of keywords in Excel CSV or PDF le formats. Type: Browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox Pricing: Free Best for:  Keyword Research Key Features: Search high volume keywords based on the region Highlight keywords of a particular volume Know about the competition of the keywords Save the desired keywords to the “My keywords” list Conclusion These are the must-have tools for best SEO practices. It’ll make your research easier and will surely help you rank better provided you work hard consistently and keep optimizing your website and content regularly. You can get started with one tool or use multiple tools for dierent purposes and share your feedback with us. If you’d like to discuss how SEO can help your business or brand then please drop us an email or leave your contact details and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO Specialists. Please follow and like us: T w e e t

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