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AED 205 Career in Education(UOP) Write a 500- to 700-word reflection on the reasons why you are interested in a career in education, and what you expect classroom dynamics to be like. What inspired you? What does the ideal AED 205 Challenges in the Classroom Checkpoint (UOP) 200 to 250 words: In your opinion, what are the most challenging obstacles teachers face when managing the classroom? What strengths do you possess that will help you meet and overcome those challenges? AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Challenges of Independent Work Checkpoint(UOP) Resource: Find Table 8.1 on p. 235 (Ch. 8) of the text.   Select one challenge for a teacher, and one challenge for a student. AED 205 Classroom Management Goals Checkpoint(UOP) Refer to Table 1.1 on p. 6 (Ch. 1) of the text to review seven assumptions about classroom management. AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Delivering Lessons for All Students (UOP) Resource: Discovery School Web site at Locate a lesson plan for the grade level and subject you are interested in on the Discovery School Website: AED 205 Elements of Classroom Management Checkpoint(UOP) professionals are always learning while they are educating. Like all newcomers to any career, inexperienced education professionals cannot expect to be perfect their first time in the classroom. One strategy to avoid becoming AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Engaging Disengaged Students(UOP) Select the scenario below that is aligned with the age group you are interested in working with. · Identify strengths in the lesson or the teacher’s behavior that make the lesson engaging. · Address students who are not engaged AED 205 Entire Course(UOP) AED 205 Final Panel Interview   AED 205 Inclusion Checkpoint AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Final Panel Interview(UOP) Imagine that you are invited to the third and final round of interviews for your dream job in the education field. All of the candidates with whom you are competing have equal experience and qualifications. The members of the hiring AED 205 Inclusion Checkpoint(UOP) Resource: Table 12.1 on p. 387 (Ch. 12) of Elementary Classroom Management AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Meeting Students Special Needs Exercise(UOP) Resource: Meeting Students’ Special Needs multimedia exercise on your student Web site at . AED 205 Minimizing Classroom Disruptions(UOP)   Complete the In Class activity (#1) at the bottom of p. 195 of the text. Refer to the following guidelines: AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Monitoring Student Progress Checkpoint (UOP) Review the methods for monitoring student progress presented in Ch. 6 (pp. 187–191) of the text. Each method presents a monitoring strategy for a particular type of activity or situation in a classroom, such as learning centers or independent work. AED 205 Sample Activity(UOP) Describe your activity according to the following guidelines: AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Week 2 DQs(UOP) Why is building student-teacher rapport critical to establishing and maintaining a productive classroom environment? How does communication with AED 205 Week 4 DQs(UOP) Think about the last time you were excited to learn about a particular topic. What made it exciting, and why were you motivated to learn? Was the motivation AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Week 5 Assignment: Managing Independent -(UOP) Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation that outlines strategies for independent work (or seatwork) management. Your presentation must include detailed speaker‟s notes, a title slide, and a reference slide. AED 205 Week 6 DQs(UOP) Review the Discussion Question: Earth Day Poster multimedia interaction located on your student web page at . Describe at least one challenge any of the students in Group 4 AED 205 Course Tutorial


AED 205 Week 8 CheckPoint: Student Behavior-Teacher Response- Appendix E(UOP)   CheckPoint: Student Behavior-Teacher Response · Complete Appendix E. · Post Appendix E as an attachment.   AED 205 Week 8 DQs(UOP) Read Culturally Responsive Classroom Management: Awareness Into Action located on this week’s student web page, then respond to the following AED 205 Course Tutorial


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