5 Top Attractions of An Antarctic Peninsula Cruise Trip


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Antarctic Peninsula cruise trips come with some of the best attractions to make your experience fascinating and rewarding, while enjoying the comforts of a well-equipped Antarctica cruise ship with great luxury and comfort . The Antarctic Peninsula, which appears like a spiky left thumb pointing toward Patagonia lying very close to South America, is the major landing point for travelers who come to visit the polar Continent. Even with sea ice and massive icebergs and serrated mountain peaks I the 7th continent is a fairly accessible, displaying its isolation and exceptional beauty. Some research stations operated by various countries are established here, so are innumerable penguins.   Antarctic Peninsula cruise trips take different routes, depending on ice conditions, and diverse activities can be booked to experience the unique wilderness of the area along with its charming wildlife . Leaving your familiar world behind, you can expect to see an amazing landscape of sparkling ice heaving with wildlife colonies of penguins; innumerable numbers of elephant, leopard and fur seals; and millions of breeding seabirds all to be experienced on an Antarctic Peninsula cruise. Your cruise   will likely allow you to enjoy this excellent landscape up close, along with its diverse inhabitants all with the best comfort, with little hassle, and during the pleasant mild austral summer. Even for a seasoned traveler, an Antarctic Peninsula cruise has the attractions to change his or her perspective, letting him/her feel as the luckiest few to land on its shores.

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From walking amid thousands of Gentoo penguins to admiring the sight of fluffy chicks coming close to you, you will live every moment of your Antarctic cruise trip with great joy. It will give you a chance to feel the power and splendor of this continent and taking awesome photos of the polar region! As you sail through narrow waterways among soaring icebergs that dwarf even the ship. There is fun in riding a Zodiac an inflatable boat to secret coves where Weddell, crab eater, and leopard seals rest. You will feel rejuvenated while hiking ashore for a close-up view of that massive blubbery elephant seal or their cute babies. Kayaking down a calm passage and watching the elegant dive  of a humpback, orca or minke whale while glacier may calve in the distance is an experience you will treasure for a lifetime  Seabirds flying overhead may include petrels, fulmars, sooty shearwaters and roving albatross all seemingly posing in a line against the sky. No matter where you go or whatever you do even only standing on the deck of your ship on your Antarctic Peninsula cruise you will have many “wow” effects, with the abundance of wildlife and nature’s magic at work . If you dream or desire to visit one of the last untamed places on earth and see different polar species that live here, an Antarctic Peninsula cruise trip can be an experience beyond words .

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On a cruise to the scenic Peninsula, you may visit many attractions. Here are five of them . 5 Top Attractions of an Antarctic Peninsula Cruise Trip 1. Hope Bay – Situated at the northern tip of the peninsula, this bay is also called Iceberg Alley. Besides a stone hut and the Esperanza station, you will get exposed to fascinating icebergs and numerous Adelie penguins here . 2. Paradise Bay – Paradise Bay is another preferred location for exploration in small Zodiac boats. It does not just bring you the spectacular views of intriguing shapes and shades of icebergs reflecting in the sea waters, but also the floating and purposing penguins and seals at close distances . 3. The Lemaire Channel – This is probably the most dynamic landscape found, squeezed between Booth Island and the Peninsula. Nicknamed “Kodak Gap”’, the Lamaire Channel often offers an abundance of opportunities and natural resources around to photograph . 4. Port Lockroy – This is a fantastic natural port on Wiencke Island’s west coast, Palmer Archipelago, which can be reached by going through the towering grandiose cliffs of the Neumayer Channel . 5. Antarctic Bases or Research Stations – Sometimes on your Antarctic Peninsula cruise trip you may get to visit an international research base or station. These are   staffed by   different countries and managed by those . To find out more about these attractions that will allow you to live your dream of cruising to the Antarctic Peninsula , check with   an experienced polar tour operator today!

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