Tips to Find the Perfect Cruise to Antarctica


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Polar Holidays is a premier tour operator, specializes in booking cruises and tours to the polar regions of the world. Our partnership with top quality specialty cruise lines and our cruising experts allow you to experience amazing tours to Antarctica and the Arctic.


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Tips to Find the Perfect Cruise to Antarctica

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With its scenic glacial landscapes, huge icebergs and varied wildlife, you may be looking to visit the white continent by a cruise ship. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect cruise to Antarctica . What are the ultimate reasons that make you consider taking an Antarctica cruise ship tour? Pure natural charm, amazing landscapes, a perfect sense of adventure and the same passionate appeal of the mysterious polar land that has gotten the attention of explorers all over the world for the last two centuries. While the unfamiliarity is something which makes the experience of taking a cruise to Antarctica so thrilling, one thing you know for sure – it will turn out to be a lifetime journey full of unforgettable moments ! If you have been planning to board an Antarctica cruise ship, then you may literally find hundreds of Antarctica cruise operators available online and feeling confused about their cruise offers, not knowing which one to start with, This is what many others have gone through while trying to book their cruise to Antarctica. This article includes useful tips to help you pick the perfect cruise to Antarctica . Different Types of Antarctica Cruise Ships: – The first and foremost factor you need to consider when going to Antarctica is the kind of cruise that will be comfortable and convenient for you. Assuming you are interested in exploring the wildlife-rich Antarctica peninsula, you have 3 options: A standard cruise from the port of Ushuaia to travel to the Peninsula after crossing the very rough Drake Passage and come back straight or via the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. It is a more popular option for brave and adventurous travelers. A Fly-cruise from Punta Arenas is a worthy alternative available to fly one way into the interior of Antarctica avoiding sea sickness or spending more time and take an expedition trip with camping activity. A luxury cruise to Antarctica has larger cabins, better facilities and 5 star services on board. It will be more expensive but will ensure an experience worth that extra money .

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Antarctica Cruise Ship Size and Capacity: – If you are looking to go ashore and get intimate with some of the wildlife, then smaller size cruise to Antarctica will be an ideal option. The Antarctica Cruise ships carrying less than 200 passengers have many landing sites whereas the larger ones are restricted to a few sites. And those carrying around 500 passengers can hardly land at any spot along the Peninsula . Antarctica Cruise Itinerary and Destinations: – Thinking about what you really want to explore and do on your cruise trip to Antarctica can be helpful in deciding what cruise itinerary to follow. The Antarctic Circle, Antarctica Peninsula, South Georgia and Falklands Island are some of the most desired destinations which many Antarctica cruise ships include in their itineraries . Antarctica Cruise Activities: – Activities are an important factor to consider when looking for the perfect cruise to Antarctica. Shore landings and zodiac rides come included in the cruise package, however, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, skiing, or climbing are some interesting activities that cruise operators will demand extra payment for . Antarctica Cruise Time: – Cruises to Antarctica operate from October to late March. Each month of this short expedition season varies in weather conditions and can affect your cruise experience. So, don’t forget to consider cruising schedules when choosing the right trip for you. Remember, each season is different, bringing you quite a different view of the polar region at that time . Antarctica Cruise Budget: – Your cruise trip budget is very important as you might have been saving for years . A cruise to Antarctica requires a large investment, so you need to be sure you’re picking a tour based on your preferred itinerary, activities and accommodation . Keep following all the above tips and you will surely end up with your dream cruise to Antarctica !

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