Top 6 Reasons You Should Board a Cruise to Antarctica


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Polar Holidays is a premier tour operator, specializes in booking cruises and tours to the polar regions of the world. Our partnership with top quality specialty cruise lines and our cruising experts allow you to experience amazing tours to Antarctica and the Arctic.


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Top 6 Reasons You Should Board a Cruise to Antarctica

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Cruise to Antarctica for a Lifetime Experience   What do you usually desire in a polar vacation? Is it the surreal glaciers, majestic icebergs, and amazing wildlife at your vision, or the fun and adventurous things you'll get to enjoy? Do you yearn for exploring a wild, frozen place that looks thespian, or an epic experience of sailing through the stormy seas of Antarctica ? If all these things are part of your dream vacation plan, there is nothing like boarding a  cruise to Antarctica .  Below are top 6 reasons you should take an Antarctic cruise and be sure of getting an experience of a life-time . Mind-blowing Landscape full of Snow and Ice - Each day of your cruise to Antarctica will reveal amazing new landscapes. From infinite bays filled with sea ice and towering snow-capped mountains to marshmallow glaciers and gorgeous icebergs around the Antarctica Peninsula, you will experience the great wilderness in all. Fascinating Wildlife - The sight of wildlife around the Antarctica peninsula is absolutely fascinating. It is not just penguins but also Black-browed Albatross, elephant, crabeater , Weddell, leopard, and fur seals sharing the ice and minke , humpback, and Orca whales dining in the ocean waters can often be seen from the cruise. Some cruises to Antarctica also cover destinations like the Falkland Islands and the South Georgia Islands, where you can have a close encounter with different species of birds, dolphins, and whales. Lifetime Adventure of Crossing the Antarctic Circle - Antarctica tour ships are fully equipped ice-breaking vessels capable of taking you beyond the stormy Drake Passage. With the expert crews on board, you can easily cross the Antarctic Circle which is a great achievement in itself. Additionally, you will enjoy gigantic icebergs, and wildlife all along the way. It will be the best adventure you will experience while traveling on a cruise to Antarctica.

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your cruise to Antarctica will have plenty of WOW moments that you can capture on camera. You will come back home with snaps of the glorious landscapes of ice and snow, the funny actions of adorable penguins and humpbacks etc. Sunrise and sunset views are magnificent. No matter wherever you point the camera, you can click a photograph worth framing. Absolute serenity. The iced up wilderness is simply beautiful with a background of deep blue sky. The stunning view you will get from your Antarctica cruise ship, while you are drinking a hot beverage, is something you cannot experience elsewhere. But whenever you come outside, the ice land will ensure you absolute serenity. The soft whisper of wind blowing across the snow is the only sound to be heard, and the rest of the surrounding feels as calm as anyplace on the planet. Comfortable cruise tour. Even though you go ahead with your plan to visit the most unapproachable area of the earth, you will have plenty of luxury and comfort on an Antarctica cruise ship.

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Conclusion   About the Author:- Polar Holidays  offers a wide variety of Cruises to Antarctica beginning and ending in South America. It gives you the option to book a cruise directly to the Antarctic Peninsula, or a Peninsula tour combined with a visit to the Falkland and South Georgia Islands, or the Shetland Islands, or a straight cruise to the Antarctic Circle. To let you make the most of your tour, you will be given access to activities like mountaineering, shore exploring and camping etc. Contact Polar Holidays to book the best cruise to Antarctica for a lifetime adventure at +1 (800) 240-2648. Web - Email - [email protected] Address : 11400 SE 8th Street Suite 235, Bellevue, WA, USA Phone - (800) 240-2648 Follow us :

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