3 Amazing Options for Arctic Cruise Trips


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Polar Holidays is a premier tour operator, specializes in booking cruises and tours to the polar regions of the world. Our partnership with top quality specialty cruise lines and our cruising experts allow you to experience amazing tours to Antarctica and the Arctic.


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3 Amazing Options For Arctic Cruise Trips www.polarholidays.com

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Despite the harsh climatic condition, the Arctic is an incredible destination that comes up on many travelers’ wish lists. Immaculate landscapes, abundant wildlife, Inuit tribes and natural polar experiences give this region an exceptional appeal. The Arctic’s close proximity to Europe and the northern parts of Canada and the USA make it easily accessible, more than many other regions of wilderness in the world. It has much more than spectacular ice, tundra, walruses and birds - the polar bear is the center of attraction - travelers who are planning to board an Arctic cruise will likely experience a rich natural polar experience . Unlike the white continent- Antarctica, the Arctic covers the vast area enclosed within the Arctic Circle, which is located on the earth at 66.5622 degrees latitude. This region is inhabited by a wide range of wildlife including polar bears, the much-admired "Kings of the Arctic," who roam around the sea ice and are among the best attractions in Arctic cruise trips. Other popular species to be encountered are walruses, seals, whales, musk oxen, Arctic foxes, reindeer and many more birds. Inuit tribes also have lived here, especially in areas such as Russia, Greenland and in far north or Norway and Canada for centuries . The Arctic cruises can be enjoyed with great changes in the season reflecting in length of days/nights of the Arctic Circle; light ranges from 24 hours long daylight (“midnight sun”) or darkness at the Arctic Circle to 6 months of darkness/ daylight at the North Pole. Fog is also common and surfaces in much of each Arctic cruise’s route . Arctic cruises can be challenging and offer many amazing options including regions that many of you have never heard of. From North Pole tours to Greenland, Norway, Svalbard and more, there are a great many options to explore the white north year round. With such a large selection of the Arctic cruise trips to select from, it can be difficult to pick up the most suitable one for you. There are professional Arctic cruise operators to help you in the decision making. Let’s have a look at some of the options you can consider for Arctic cruise trips:

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Greenland Greenland is the biggest island on the earth hosting a thespian landscape and unique culture. With the colossal Greenland Ice Sheet covering as much as 2 miles area at its middle, life hangs on to the coastline making the island the perfect destination to explore by a small ship. Covered by the Northern Icecap, Greenland offers unbelievable mountaineering opportunities. Eastern Greenland is usually associated with Svalbard, whereas Western Greenland is typically combined with the Canadian High Arctic. West Greenland is possibly the most ethnically interesting spot; meeting the far-off communities inhabiting here is truly special . Northern Norway Tours Northern Norway counts for around one-third of the Arctic zone as a whole. The lands show off mountains hiding the unexpected sight of green farm and grazing lands in the inner area. The shores are distinguished for their plentiful fjords that can be spotted in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The Norway sea waters are rich in different kinds of seafood and whales –Orcas, Humpbacks, Pilots, Minkes , and Sperm. Your North Norway cruise trip will be most remarkable for the Aurora Borealis phenomenon and a close encounter with Orca’s and Humpback Whales, which survive on the wintering herring growing in the fjords of Troms . Svalbard Tours Apart from being surrounded by 3 seas, Svalbard has special significance for the Arctic trips due to it being the home of the polar bear. It is a Norwegian Arctic archipelago located 600 miles towards the south of the North Pole. Svalbard is the biggest wilderness area in Europe featuring Rocky Mountains and gently sloping tundra that creates great opportunities for snowshoeing and hiking. From wonderful scenery and wildlife experiences to view the Aurora Borealis, Svalbard tours may be chosen for including all these activities. The Arctic exploration can be enjoyable and especially with the choice of any of the above-given options. So, why not start with your favorite one today?

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