Tips to Find A Cheap Antarctica Cruise Like a Pro


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Tips to Find A Cheap Antarctica Cruise Like a Pro

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Many of you dream of visiting Antarctica one day. It is the coldest, driest and windiest continent, a place that bewitches tourists time after time. Antarctica is the intangible 7th continent, where getting there and putting on your feet on the ground costs a lot, especially if you don‘t stay or work there. Going to this remote area can be very expensive; you need a big budget to accomplish such this feat. The average rate for booking a bed in a shared cabin for a ten-day cruise to Antarctica can be as much as $10,000. It can be quite disappointing for many a travelers who are neither scientists nor workers. Boat crew, including captains, tour staff, waitresses, and scientists are the lucky ones going to Antarctica for work repeatedly, but what are the chances for you as a normal traveler? It is still possible to find a cheap cruise to Antarctica. You can do it, as many have already done it successfully. Antarctica will be the most fantastic place you have visited so far.

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Tricky Ways to Find a Cheap Antarctica Cruise Trip Having to cough up USD 5,000 or more for a budget trip to Antarctica, per individual, without airfare, often comes a surprise for many.   From the point of view of an expert traveler, there are 3 ways to go to Antarctica on a low budget: (a) Start working in Antarctica or an Antarctica cruise; (b) Reserve your place in the month-long cruise ship on a French resupply ship that fills in the French station located in sub Antarctic islands; (c) Camp out in South America (Ushuaia) for extremely low deals towards the end of the season (Feb/March). It will be more often difficult to find the cheaper $5000 - $5500 Antarctica cruises as they get sold out in advance and are rarely put on sale. However, discounted 5-star cabins worth packages of $11000+ can be targeted to make your Antarctica cruise tour cheaper.

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Best Tips for Finding A Cheap Antarctica Cruise like an Expert Sign up for the mailing list of as many Antarctica tour agents as possible. Follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts of all these tour agents. Change the settings on your Facebook to get the latest notifications and be alerted immediately after any of them updated their pages with cheap cruise deals. Make a chart of departing boats throughout the season . Figure out the time when maximum boats are departing within a small time period. Choose 3 weeks‘ time before the schedule to possibly find an opportunity to get on any cruise ship . Check locally to find the cheapest airlines to South America (Ushuaia) where the cruise trip will begin and end. It will save you a significant amount of money. Book last minute airfares to land in Ushuaia, just before the confirmed time of cruise departure . Continuously monitor online resources to find last minute deals. Grab a deal and contact your preferred travel agent to book your seat at the earliest. All these tips are easy to apply if you really want to have great savings while making your dream of a cheap Antarctic cruise trip come true. 

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Conclusion   About The Author This post is published by  Polar Holidays , a specialized polar tour operators offering well equipped and ice-strengthened cruises for Antarctica travel and tours.  Web - Email - [email protected] Address : 11400 SE 8th Street Suite 235, Bellevue, WA, USA Phone - (800) 240-2648