Antarctica Travel Season & When to Visit Antarctica-Polar Holidays


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Polar Holidays is a premier tour operator, specializes in booking cruises and tours to the polar regions of the world. Our partnership with top quality specialty cruise lines and ourcruising experts allow you to experience amazing tours to Antarctica and the Arctic.


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Antarctica Travel Season & When to Visit Antarctica-Polar Holidays

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Are you ready for the journey to the polar region deep in the south? Antarctica is considered to be the last frontier, and it entices travelers to explore the most untouched place on Earth. Despite being the coldest, highest, and driest white continent, Antarctica is an adventure junkie‘s paradise which is well-worth the visit! From the glaciers in the snow-capped mountains, Antarctica is bound to astound you. You can have all the fun and exciting experiences if you make a journey towards the end of the world. November to March is considered to be the best time to go to Antarctica! Antarctica, the most exciting travel destination offers some of the unique activities the world. Traveling around icebergs, watching humpback whales, penguins and the admiring scenery are just some of the experiences you can have in Antarctica. Here is some information that helps your experiences on the coolest continent .

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Best time for travel - As a tourist, the only Best Time to Go to Antarctica is during the summer period.   The tourist season is roughly 5 months long, from late October through late March. The early season offers views of large swaths of sea ice before it breaks up later in the season. It is a great time to watch certain wildlife species and the Antarctic seabirds coming to the shore for nesting. Antarctica is wonderful during late spring or early summer; just don't go in winter! In the winter the temperatures of this paradise go down to -50 degrees Celsius. Usually, only people with a specific research purpose do travel during winter. Hiking or snowshoeing through Snowy Mountains- For your first landing on the White Continent Antarctic, you will get to touch the endless snowy grounds, mountains, inspiring views that Antarctica has to offer. It is a mountainous place with lots of great opportunities for hiking and snowshoeing. Just stretch your legs on some beautiful hikes. If you like to snowshoe, the Best Time to Go to Antarctica is in November to January when there is the most snow on the Peninsula.

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Photography- Dramatic landscapes, exceptional ice formations and the abundance of wildlife make Antarctica a dream paradise for photographers. Do you like to improve your wildlife photography skills? Make plans during the Best Time to Go to Antarctica, have a look at a cruise that has an expedition photography program. Polar Plunge- On the shores, stripping down and running into the freezing cold water may not sound much fun; in fact it is a real thrill. Nothing inspires courage like a visit to a historical site in Antarctica. In fact, you‘ll need that courage to experience the unforgettable polar plunge. It is nothing but a heart-stopping dive into the icy Antarctic waters. Wildlife Watching- There is no place in the World that offers the kind of wildlife that Antarctica offers. The Ice and the animals are the stars of the place that makes your trip during the Best Time to Go Antarctica truly spectacular. Penguins waddle on snow, acrobatic humpback whales, the bark and play of Seals on the shore, the squawk of Seabirds make a trip during the Best Time in Antarctica truly spectacular.

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Conclusion   Want to spend a night under the star-filled sky in Antarctica? Many Cruise operators offer camping as a part of their itinerary during the best time of travel in Antarctica. Being a journey to Antarctica gives you a unique perspective of the stunning experience. Don‘t wait, find out the Best Time to Go Antarctica and admire the incredible world of ice and snow!  About The Author This article is written by  Polar Holidays  – An accredited International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) that specializes in booking tours and cruises to the polar regions of the world. They offer the Antarctica tours where you can avail yourself high-quality specialty cruise lines during the best times when you travel to Antarctica!  Web - Email - [email protected] Address : 11400 SE 8th Street Suite 235, Bellevue, WA, USA Phone - (800) 240-2648

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