Choose The Right Lug Nuts For Your Car

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A lug nut is a type of fastener that fastens a wheel’s hub to threaded wheel studs on the vehicle’s axle, securing the wheel in place & centering it properly on the axle.


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Choose The Right Lug Nuts For Your Car

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A lug nut is a type of fastener which fastens a w he e l’ s hub to threaded wheel studs on the v e hi c le ’ s axle securing the wheel in place centering it properly on the axle. T he r e ’ r e 5 main components to identifying the rightlugnutorwheellockforyourvehicle andtheyare: Thread size: You can easily recognize your thread size pitch with a simple thread pitch gauge accessible at any hardware storeoryoucansimplytakeoneofyourlugnutstoyour localhardwarestorespinitontotheboltstheyhaveon hand. The thread size or thread diameter is the measurement taken across the outside diameter of your wheel stud threads measured in either standard 7/16" 1/2" etc. or metric 12mm 14mm etc. dimensions. The most universal thread sizes are 10mm 12mm 14mm 7/16" 1/2" 9/16" 5/8". You can find most factory stud sizes in your vehicle owners manual or you canuseanonlineguide.

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Thread Pitch: Thethreadpitchisthe dimensionofeitherthreadsperinchfor non-metricstudsorthe distance in millimeters between the threads for metric applications. This tool will aid recognize the correct thread pitch that was on the vehicle from the factory. If the vehicle has been modified youwillhavetoverifythethreadpitch. Seat type: The seat type refers to the area where the spline drive lug nuts are actually makes contact with the wheel surface. The most common types are an acorn/tapered seat a mag seat or a ball seat. Length/dimensions: It ’ s important that you authenticate the dimensions of your Spline Drive lug nut to make sure a proper fit for both safety look. This includes the outside diameter overall length for Mag stylenuts/locksyoumustalsodeterminetherightshankdiametershankdepth.

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Finish/color: Spline Drive Lug nuts are available in a wide range of finishes colors including chrome plated black chrome stainless steel zinc yellowchromaticsilverredblueandmore. Once you ’ v e identified these fitment components i t’ sjustamatterofchoosingyour preferred style of nut or lock. You can easily find just the right spline drive lug nuts for your vehicle here at We have years of experience in wheel accessories such as quality conical lug bolts lug nuts wheel spacers wheel adapters wheel caps etc.Wework directlywithourmanufacturers so we are capable of offering you quality productsatapocket-friendlyprice.

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