Tips for Developing & Managing a Budget for your Business


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Tips for Developing & Managing a Budget for your Business Plan Financial Budget for your Business to Improve Your Cashflow


Decide How Often You Will Track Your Budget If you wait too long to document your actual income and expenses, the task can get overwhelming and if it is done sporadically it becomes very difficult to use the results to make your predictions because you may not have information for comparable periods. This is why it is better to decide upfront how often you will track your money flows and then commit to getting it done.


Set Up a Process to Track Income and Expenses You will have different types of expenses and need to find ways to track them. Some expenses are tied to the amount you produce or how much work gets done, these are called variable costs and they must be entered using actual receipts. However, every business also has some fixed costs and these are those expenses where the category (but not actual costs) stays the same regardless of how much you produce or sell. Examples of fixed costs are rent, electricity and other utilities.


Forecast Your Future Inflows and Outflows Every entrepreneur must use the business budget planning process to forecast future inflows and outflows, otherwise known as cash flows. This is done by looking at income for comparable periods, especially for seasonal businesses, and also by looking at the expense side of the equation. When coming up with a forecast, certain adjustments must also be made. A forecast can reflect goals. If for instance, you would like to increase sales by 10% in the next two months, your forecast can reflect this.


Monitor the Gap Between Your Predicted Figures & Actual Performance Finally, you need to keep a watchful eye on your actual and predicted performance. If your predicted budget inflows are constantly higher than your actual performance then you may need to check that your predictions are realistic or find ways to achieve your goals. Business budget planning helps the entrepreneur effectively achieve their plans by giving them a solid financial basis from which to make decisions.


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