Ultimate Guide For Designing Perfect App Marketing Strategies 2019


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Marketing is one of the major aspects for any business thus it is not an exception for app business as well. We are experienced in providing industry and client-specific solutions.


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Ultimate Guide For Designing Perfect App Marketing Strategies 2019 Marketing is one of the major aspects of any business thus it is not an exception for app business as well. Things that are marketed well are sold well and everyone is well aware of that and traditional marketing is something everyone is aware of but what about ​digital marketing or app marketing ​ I am here to help Based on my experience over 8+ years into this field here are some key points that I consider for designing the marketing strategies: 1 Research your Target Audience For any business its important to understand who are their target audience. Based on these target audiences you would be able to do many things for defining your marketing strategies. But on what factors should I define my target audience

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● Age ● Gender ● Geography ● Political views ● Interest In sports technology media movies and so on Once you have the audience defined it should help you in creating branding or advertisement strategies 2 Competitor Analysis Let’s accept the fact that we sometimes take inspirations or try to do better things then our competitors. We directly or indirectly do competitor analysis. But it’s better to do it and have the report ready so that we can know exactly how many competitors do we have And how we are better than them What are the marketing strategies that they follow Do they have a referral program in place What is their USP Once we have those answers and other possible information about them we will know exactly the opportunities which they have not been able to explore and which we can. Things which works universally. What are customers problems and complaints about the competitors and how can we fix them and provide a better experience This will not just help in marketing but will also help in all area’s of the business

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3 Create a Landing page dedicated to the app

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A landing page is very important and it should provide the customer with an overview of what the app is all about and their key features. Also its recommended to include the screenshots and download links into the landing page. 4 App Store / Play store optimization App Store/Play store optimization is a very critical thing to do but its also a very important thing. Over 50 of people who discover an app on the iOS or Google Play store have done so as a result of browsing through an app store itself This could be taken care of by ASO PSO experts. I would recommend to consult the same and get their views before diving deep into the same. 5 Create Referral programs for onboarding users Let be honest you would have received the referral program messages on messengers and you might have sent those messages or emails to other people to get some Freebies. And its human mentality to be happy on things which they get for free.

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So this is a tried and tested approach to generate more traffic lets put this to good use. Implement highly effective referral programs which are useful for both user the potential new user. 6 Design Campaigns that focus on App Installs This seems to be the most challenging part of all. I would recommend to use the Target audiences and design the Facebook Advertisement campaign which focuses on the app installs. Try running multiple advertisement experiments to achieve more click-through ratios.

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You could potentially use Facebook Instagram paid stories as well to drive through the app installs. Potentially use the landing page to drive users in and have them download the app. You could also design the special landing pages as well to offer special joining benefits to the users and run the separate advertisement campaign. 7 Get Reviews on App Store/Play Store Being a techie mobile user I always see the reviews before I let any mobile app into my phone. The ​ ​android app store ​ is spammed with the apps. And knowingly or unknowingly you end up installing the app which shows odd full-screen advertisement which is very embarrassing. So how you as an app owner address this issue well simple answer is getting the review. People trust the reviews of the user. Time to time ask users to add reviews of the app to the app store or play store. But make sure you don’t end up irritating them for asking reviews. In case your app has payment module be sure you emphasize on the reviews. Imagine you as a customer are purchasing the app the first thing you would check would be the reviews as the

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last thing you would want is the app which you have purchased is not working. So those users highly rely on the reviews. 8 Manage those bad reviews try to provide a satisfactory resolution to their problems Let’s accept the fact that there would be a criticism of the app. There would be people who would not like your app. It’s okay to have those users and they are very important for us who can provide honest reviews and feedbacks. People would definitely leave reviews in case of bad experience which includes the app crashes issues with some critical flows in the app issue with unable to do certain things in the app or it might also be related to business process which is performed outside the app for example food delivery still your app would receive the bad reviews. So what can you do about it

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You should try to address those issue and post the resolution as a reply to that comment. If there are any critical issues with the app try to apologise and give them assurity that it would be taken care of in the next updates. If there are any known issues better publish a blog post post notification to all users and be open about the same. 9 Work on SEO for landing page SEO ​ is the most critical and important aspects when it comes to digital marketing And SEO requires more time and patience. But it’s not only that anything done wrong can prove to be a bad mistake and will take more time to resolve that. Assume you selected the wrong keyword and if you realize the same all your efforts done to bring that keyword in top rank would be waste. And you would have to start from 0. Which I am sure none of you would want.

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Also there are constant changes to the algorithm of search engines. So your SEO team needs to be on top of that. Make sure they don’t follow anything which is not a good practice. Otherwise we have very good chances of google penalty. 10 Run Social Media Campaigns Give away campaigns Who don’t like giveaways Remember the Christmas eve where we as children would impatiently wait for the gift to arrive meet Santa Well surely everyone likes gifts. So why not to give our users some gifts by running the giveaway campaign. Well yeah you heard it right. Run a social media give away campaign to increase likes followers and give them some task and make sure to include the hashtags. That way you might have more words spreading amongst the people and they would also be rewarded for their work.

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11 Setup in-app advertisement campaigns to drive more users Advertisements are the core part of any business. And yes at some point in time you would be required to run the advertisement campaign. Make sure you target audience here and use the right medium for the advertisements. Although you might have the app and digital marketing is in your mind you might want to use traditional advertisement for app marketing. Yes you read it right. Rule of marketing is you need to be where your customers potential customers are. So you should be using everything in your reach to be there.

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12 Marketing Notifications News Letter You would have received the notification from many shopping apps for discounts. And you can’t resist having those notifications. Sometimes you get the notification from the apps for things you are searching for. In my case I was looking to buy a phone after few google searches I was seeing the mobile advertisements on all my social media sites also I used to get the notifications from the app which I surfed. In a way yes I used the app to purchase the phone. So it’s always handy to go for marketing push notifications email newsletters depending on your app. I hope this article would have filled you in with all the information you were looking for feel free to post a comment in the below section if you have any questions. You could approach ​App Developers Brisbane Australia Pocket Apps ​ for your app-related queries. And ​Digital Marketing company Brisbane Australia ​ Pocket Apps Digital for any digital marketing consultations.

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