Magento vs WooCommerce – Neck to neck comparison


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We have compared Magento vs. Woocommerce to provide you better insights we’ll clear all your doubts and enable you to make a better decision concerning the best platform.


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Pixlogix No matter whether you are from a non-technical background or technical developing an eCommerce website will give you a nightmare. The moment you plunge into the market for selecting the right platform or plugin for your eCommerce website y o u’l l be in great turmoil. Still it is essential because choosing the right platform will result in great opportunities for growth. This has been a significant reason why eCommerce businesses falter. Th a t’ s the reason we recommend you to do your homework better and then make a move. However Magento or WordPress eCommerce solutions are the admired ones in the eCommerce business industry and both have their own unique qualities. Even Woocommerce is becoming a major competition for Magento which is merely an extension with the ability to transform your website into something better. Here in this article w e ’ll clear all your doubts and enable you to make a better decision concerning the best platform. We have compared major platforms that are Magento and Woocommerce to provide you better insights: W h a t is u n c o m m o n a b o u t W o o c o m m e r c e a n d M a g e n t o Woocommerce – It is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides you with features which are necessary to meet your eCommerce website needs while preserving ease-of-use from its parental platform. Magento – It is an eCommerce platform that is suitable for eCommerce Website Development professionals to develop medium to large online stores. It offers powerful features that make it an ideal choice for high aspired owners.

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Pixlogix W h a t a r e t h e f e a t u r e s o f f e r e d b y b o t h t h e p l a t f o r m s Take a quick look over the features of the Woocommerce and Magento mentioned in the table: Woocommerce Magento •It is an open-source platform which is absolutely free •It offers a free community version and many premium services •For building your website you should find your own web host •Community version provides self-hosting but premiums services offer hosting •Comes with an extension system and thousands of options •It supports extensions and offer a variety of the same •Supports selling of unlimited products seamlessly •Allow you to add unlimited products to your online store •It supports almost all the themes by its parental platform WordPress and offers a myriad of customization options •Offers a theme-based system and some limited options •This platform is incredibly easy-to-use •This platform is recommendable for users those have basic technical knowledge of web development •It offers basic security features to protect your store •Magento offer advanced security features along with decent patches which alerts you when the system experiences any vulnerability.

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Pixlogix W h a t e a c h p l a t f o r m h a s to o f f e r y o u For those who require detail insights into both the platforms w e ’ll elaborate everything and in the end decide the winner: W o o c o m m e r c e If y o u’r e a WordPress user you might be familiar to the term Woocommerce. This popularly recognized platform is home to approx. 400000 websites presently. It boasts all the features and functionality that you may require to open an online store along with various advanced capabilities through its extension system. Key features: •Supports an unlimited number of products in any online store •Allows you to choose any payment processors you want using extensions •Comes with a powerful extension system based on the WordPress plugin format •Offer thousands of premiums and free themes Advantages: •You can easily create an online store for free excluding your hosting expenses •If y o u’r e already a WordPress user Woocommerce can be a cakewalk for you •Integrates with Google Analytics by using any extension •It also provides you with SSL support but needs to obtain your certificates •There includes extensive documentation for users and you can also contact the team behind the project in case if you have any queries

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Pixlogix Disadvantages: If y o u’r e not a WordPress user you will have to learn two new platforms Premium features and extensions can increase your cost immensely Is it t h e r i g h t c h o i c e f o r b e g i n n e r s Woocommerce is a good choice for beginners with no experience eCommerce website development only if the y ’v e used WordPress before. Even if you ha v e n ’t used WordPress you will find W o o com me rc e ’ s excellent documentation and millions of tutorials fascinating. M a g e n t o Woocommerce has established itself more of a community solution but Magento is more geared towards companies. However that d o e sn ’t mean it cannot benefit small businesses with its functionalities. Magento provides both Community Edition which is free and is powerful on its own and Enterprise Edition for large companies. Key features: •It boasts its own theming and layout system •Allows to add unlimited products and provide self-hosting too •Equipped with efficient that can easily connect to third-party software •Intuitive admin interface and product creation tools

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Pixlogix Advantages: •Shoppers can checkout faster than ever and guest checkout is turned on by default •Magento is highly scalable which offer you seamless experience until your host can manage the stores •It can integrate with Braintree PayPal and Authorize.Net Disadvantages: •Magento focuses developers than regular users with its steep learning curve •Enterprise edition is costly due to its target market Is it good f o r b e g i n n e r s Not at all As we can see at the advantages and features of Magento it d o e s n ’t seem to be beginner-friendly. This platform is perfect for determined users who want to scale their shops quickly. W o o c o m m e r c e vs . M a g e n t o – T h e w i n n e r As far as beginners are concerned we would recommend Woocommerce. It is easy to use and cheap to set up which makes it ideal for small operations that need to be managed quickly. It allows users to set up any kind of website. However Magento is still an amazing eCommerce platform as it shines when companies want to scale their business and develop a new website or get into the eCommerce industry. Woocommerce wins the comparison with its tempting features.

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