Which Magento Extensions Are Essential For Your E-Commerce Store

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com W hich Ma gen to Ext en sio n s A re Essen t ia l Fo r Yo ur E - Co mmerce S to re

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com The materialization of innovative technologies and tools in Magento has increased new opportunities for people connected to the E- commerce store. With cost and time competence Magento brings the likelihood of profiting vastly online. With a selection of catalysts clutched in it as Magento extensions different options of themes range of templates plug-ins offer control over each facet of the online store. As a leading Magento Development Company we have experienced that the open-source Magento is a solution to most of the queries interrelated to E-commerce platforms. W h y M a g e n t o E x t e n s i o n s Magento Extensions engage the medium that takes care of all the key chores related to E-commerce as promotions site management catalog merchandising and product browsing functionalities. It improves the features and functions of the E-commerce portal. For this reason Magento development services and their extensions are delivering the just right E-commerce solutions and are preferred by millions. Magento extensions enable customization and personalization over basic E-commerce stores and alter it according to the requirements of the online store owner. In particular to state the implication of Magento Extensions we would detail some splendid extensions with their highly developed features and functionalities.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com T e m p l a t e I n t e g r a t i o n One of the immense extensions among the assortment of Magento Extensions has a knack to provide the online store an exceptional identity among the thread of E-commerce platforms on the World Wide Web developed for the similar function. Magento Template Integration in any e-commerce shop enables the functions like Template modification to go well with the Magento layout and style. The button integration fits the design theme. Most momentous part is that this extension is 100 tailored giving a complete opportunity to the online store owner in displaying the online store with respect to his choice. C o n ta c t Fo r m B u i l d e r Contact Form Builder Flexible forms is trouble-free to use Magento contact form builder flexible forms extension with multiple level forms and fields creation. Magento contact form extension has diverse field types so admin can without difficulty add into a new form with alternatives. Admin can enable and disable module from admin settings page Captcha for form edit page and email notification. Even users have admittance to receive notification or not with different field types. Flexible forms extension supports and is available on Magento V1 and V2. Also the straightforward to use Magento Contact Form Builder Flexible Forms extension come with multiple forms and fields formation with better-quality support and free updates.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com S h o p p i n g C a r t E x t e n s i o n It is one of the most considered necessary Magento Extensions. The most highly developed feature of it is growing the functionality and ease of access to advance up online sales. It slots in several features in a supple scalable and robust architecture of Magento E-commerce development solution so that things are smoother for both administrators and customers. By swiftness of the purchasing procedure your shopping cart turns more utilizable and full of life. Magento Shopping Cart Extension is a peak alternative for online store owners and visitors. Giving customers fast admittance to their carts on any page of the store and after having a quick look of their page they can run cart items remotely this extension is in point of fact essential. L o ya l t y P r o g r a m s Loyalty programs allow you to construct your loyalty program just the way you desire. With Sweet Tooth – a loyalty program you can rapidly put together a fundamental program that conveys outcomes or makes a tailored masterpiece that is exclusive to your business. This assists you to put on new customers keep hold of present customers and promote higher spending. This instinctive platform is the ideal way to drive loyalty for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com E m a i l a n d M a r k e t i n g C a m p a i g n s For an amazingly user-friendly email and multi-channel marketing solution platform you have to check out dotmailer which is a top-rated Magento Extensions for your E-Commerce Store. The extension syncs each and every visitor and client data together with wish lists order data cart contents browsing behavior and much more. It supports introduction post-purchase loyalty and essential marketing with sales campaigns including email messaging and the push notification campaigns. B l o g E x t e n s i o n This is the finest blog extension for Magento which offers blog creation features with a category author post comment tag and search functionality on WordPress. By Blog Magento Extension admin can with no trouble add blog posts with the connected category tag and author post date. The admin can dynamically enable or disable features and functionalities from the configuration. The admin can handle all sidebar widgets by setting page alternatives. The target customer can visit post list page enable category month tag and author archive page as well as the search result page. It comes as SEO friendly Magento access with diverse page layouts on front-end being handled dynamically by admin. It is accessible on Magento V1 and V2.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com L i v e C h a t E m p o w e r m e n t Businesses that engage with probable customers online are superiorly placed to construct a connection and boost their revenue. The live chat Magento extension enables you to answer your cu stom e r’ s queries in real time and transform them into a sales purchase. Extensions like Zopim offer a receptive chat widget behavioral triggers to keep shoppers at input times and superior analytics to monitor visitor flow and practice patterns. I n v e n t o r y M a n a g e m e n t E n a b l e m e n t The prevalent benefit of these extensions is to eliminate hitches that come with inventory management over multiple channels. They help saving time and efforts of E-commerce portal owners who can now be able to use that on revenue generation strategies tactics and sales activities. S e c u r i t y M e a s u r e s Security of the online transactions comes into view as a major apprehension for the customers who like to shop on internet sites. The online customers will not like to pay out a single amount of money on shopping from your e-commerce website unless you guarantee the customers that their transaction is extremely secure. Security Magento plug-in like Font is Secure Pay is a perfect solution to that sorts of problems. It assists in the entire processing of the payments in a secure way with the aid of Secure XML gateway. It makes certain the online customers that payment details giving by them are kept back safely.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com S e a r c h E n g i n e O p t i m i z a t i o n S E O Adding SEO based extension to your e-commerce store will assist in avoiding duplicate content and error pages. The extension can furthermore add a lot of functionalities and features to your Magento websites like HTML sitemap 301 redirects for discontinued services or products exclusive category headings social media representation and more. The eventual aim of the SEO extension is to make your store rank superior in Google and by making needed transformations to the store’ s overall configuration. O n e Pa g e C h e c ko u t This extension transfers your multi-step checkout procedure into a one-page making checkout straightforward and trouble-free for customers. By easing the checkout progression you can enhance the number of finished orders The extension is entirely responsive and is effortless to install on your Magento site. One Page Checkout also possesses integrations with Sage Pay PayPal and Brain Tree. K e y Ta k e away s Since Magento is a very accepted open source e-commerce platform there is an enormous community of developers designers store owners merchants agencies influencers consultants technology solutions providers and all-purpose end users around the world who discuss the whole lot of Magento extensions in immense details. Through the above extensions we can clearly see the noteworthy role of Magento development. With an assortment of overwhelming functionalities Magento Extensions are well thought-out as the most like-minded and effectual solution in attaining the needed heights in budding E-commerce websites. You can Hire Magento Developer or a Magento development companyfor your E-commerce project.

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