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Mission and Vision:

Mission and Vision St. Benedict Staff Retreat January 31, 2011

Mission Possible 2:

Mission Possible 2

Our Day Today:

Our Day Today Prayer Rules of Engagement Our Core Values The Catholic School Mission Statement Dev’p Lunch Faith Goals for 2010-2011

Rules of Engagement:

Rules of Engagement Effective Listening Suspend the Blurts and Side Bars Be present to the Process Respect those who are speaking Others?

Our Core Belief and Core Values From first retreat:

Our Core Belief and Core Values From first retreat Core Belief: Christian Love Shared Values: Faith, Community, Learning For Life.

First Group:

First Group

Supporting the Beliefs and Values:

Supporting the Beliefs and Values “What evidence might you find in the school to support this belief?” “What evidence might you find in the school to support the specific value?” What other beliefs and values might express who we are?

First Word, Last Word:

First Word, Last Word Facilitator: The member who was born closest to this place Allow time for group members to record ideas Read the article to yourself, highlighting what speaks to you. First person reads one line or phrase that they highlighted without interruption. Each person in the group comments on what has been highlighted without interruption First person has the last word on the highlighted line Repeat until all have had first word, last word Recorder: The youngest member of the group. Speaker: The member who has the most children On chart paper; record 2 big ideas from the reading

Post and Share:

Post and Share



New Groups:

New Groups

The Mission of the Catholic School:

The Mission of the Catholic School The Catholic School (1977) PROCESS: First Word, Last Word. SHARE: Two understandings that seem to be common to the group. Image 2 of 2

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement Who We Are What We Do

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement Identity Inspiration Destiny


Identity Identifies the school community and explains its purpose Pinpoints the core values and the non-negotiables


Inspiration Articulates its meaning and purpose Generates excitement, inspires passion, galvanizes commitment by challenging the community to aspire to cherished ideals Reassures and provides stability and continuity


Destiny Announces the school’s goals A vision of what the community aspires to become Enables the community to stay on course Decisions Actions Behaviours Activities

New Groups:

New Groups

Composing the Mission Statement:

Composing the Mission Statement Each member of the group composes a mission statement. Without comment, each is read and placed in the middle of the table The group searches for the common words and phrases They develop a mission statement for the group The small group statements are presented to the large group



School Faith Goals:

School Faith Goals Results of a Division survey St. Anthony Needs Poll- Process What does a SMART goal look like?

Slide 23:

What does this chart suggest about staff formation? How might it impact formation in your school?

Needs :

Needs Prayer in the Classroom Staff Prayer School Masses Teaching The Faith in Subject Areas Service Projects Other?

Dot Poll:

Dot Poll

Slide 26:

S pecific M easurable A chievable R ealistic T imely


Exemplars By June 2011, every class will present a fifteen to twenty minute presentation on the life of a saint to the rest of the student body. By June 2011, 80% of the students will consistently fold their hands in front of their chests at school prayer assemblies and Masses


Exemplars By June 2011, every religion class will begin with one or more “I can” statements reflecting the objective of the lesson By June 2011, 80% of the teaching staff will participate in five one hour Growing in Faith sessions throughout the school year as specified in the early dismissal professional development calendar.



Composing SMART goals:

Composing SMART goals Two groups will create a SMART goal in based on the Needs Poll Two groups will create a staff faith development goal Use the same process as the mission statement.

Blessings and Farewells:

Blessings and Farewells

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