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INTRODUCTION MADE: Justyna Sikora kl. IIe Publiczne Gimnazjum im. Jana Pawła II w Tyczynie PEACEFUL INTENTIONS, HUMILITY

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Peaceful intentions Peaceful intentions- avoidance violence; it’s human’s attitude, who always looks for solutions to take into account matters everybody’s interesting sides and generally good.

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CITATIONS „War is better than impermanent peace.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

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“World’s peace is begin for peace our heart.” — Stefan Wyszyński

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“It’s time for war called peace.” — Serj Tankian

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“There isn’t any way for peace. Peace is a way.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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“Easier is proclaim peace than maintain it.” — Andre Maurois

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Synonyms and antonyms » humility przykład: Bush said religious faith teaches tolerance, humility and the value of community service. » humble przykład: When somebody is humble, he or she is not arrogant and proud. » meek przykład: After the last meeting with his boss Mike became very meek and quiet. John was such a meek child. » abject przykład: Even the most abject slaves joined in the revolt

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