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ReachMultiply – New Software Breaks Facebook’s Organic Reach Code ReachMultiply is a 100 new Facebook content system that will let you find and manage FB content for weeks in a matter of minutes. What Is ReachMultiply Globally people are spending more time than ever on Facebook and interestingly Facebook is now the most dominant place where people consume content. Get this right Not news websites not content aggregators like digg or reddit not RSS feeds. People are consuming most of the content they see online direct on Facebook. This goes for information images and video. If it can be found on Facebook it’s found at all. Nobody’s looking anywhere else. Do you know that at last count there were 42 million Fan pages on Facebook That’s a challenging number. No wonder you’re having problems standing out and grabbing attention of your target audience. Organic Reach Is Still King On Facebook You Can Be One of Those Who Are Killing It There Most content marketers have already given up. They’ve been applying their keyword based content strategy to Facebook and that just doesn’t work. Facebook’s reach formula is not based on keywords. It’s based on engagement and reach. If you can engage the audience you have you’re going to get a bigger audience. That’s simple Here’s why people fail at FB marketing  Not posting content regularly  Failing to capitalize on trends  Spending too much time on content Creating and posting content on Facebook is very tiring and most content marketers will give up too soon because they just can’t make the effort consistently. Facebook values consistency and unless you’re consistent you’re not going to climb up those engagement ranks.

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In this scenario it’s impossible to humanly run anything more than a single fanpage. Anytime you try to go beyond that you end up stretching yourself too thin and not being able to do justice to any of the fanpages. According to a study even a monderately successful fanpage must post at least once per day. Successful fanpages post multiple times a day with different types of content. If you want success Post Minimum 2 Times Daily To Your Fanpage That’s research design and posting of 730 posts a year and if you have 5 fanpages normal for any serious Facebook marketer that’s a mammoth 3650 posts a year. You’re not going to have time for anything else if you take on this kind of work. Your life will be spent making Facebook posts. You just can’t do this work unless you got ReachMultiply working for you. ReachMultiply is a 100 new Facebook content system that will let you find and manage FB content for weeks in a matter of minutes. With ReachMultiply you can post quality content for entire months in minutes  Create link image video text and custom link campaigns  Post to your pages in the best performing times of the day  Maximize the reach of your "money" posts  Build your list and siphon leads off of your fan pages

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How Does ReachMultiply Work Special Features of ReachMultiply: Schedule for months on with just one click.

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Supports links images video text and custom format campaigns. Gets the freshest and trending content from Google news and trending content and auto posts it.

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Searches freshest images from Tumblr and schedules auto posts of static and animated images. Consume any RSS feed and send it to your Facebook page.

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Searches freshest videos from YouTube for any niche and auto posts. Powerful Full Featured Image Editor Included Create engaging social images without buying any app or program. It can even find you free images to use in your graphics

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Calendar Shows You The Program For Every Day No need to worry about what you’re posting tomorrow or next Thursday or a month later. It’s all clear

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ReachMultiply can also:  Filter the most engaging content without spending hours  Get quality free content for any niche or keyword  Maximize engagement through trending posts and news  Create automated image posts  Notifications tell you when you need to schedule more content  Content library for 15 evergreen niche specific content and keyword relevant news topics. In Pro  Search blog posts articles and Google News using keywords. In Pro  Image editor tools like crop rotate blur and add filter effects.  Image background library for all popular image posts like quotes memes and viral image templates.  Download and Save images to your local computer  Recent post Summary - View your recent post summary to plan your posts. In Pro  Customize your links so to get maximum clicks from your fans.  many more How It Works:

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Watch this demo below in which they demonstrate how they scheduled the content for an entire month in less than 2 minutes. Who Should Use ReachMultiply Bloggers Start creating unique content for your fan pages to drive more customers to your offer FB ad buyers Create highly engaging and click pulling posts that increase virality and brings down your ad costs Niche Fan page owners Create months worth content for all your niche fan pages within minutes without scraping other fan pages and being taken down by Facebook Offline Marketers Offer fan page management services. Manage all your clients fan pages and cut down outsourcing costs Why Should You Get ReachMultiply Now Are your rising ad costs driving you crazy You can make your Facebook business more profitable without any work  You don’t need to go crazy about every ad cent spend because ReachMultiply will drive organic traffic and make you more profitable.  You don’t need to worry about the time when Facebook ad costs will rise even more or the inventory will be even lesser and what’ll you do then.  You don’t need to watch your page likes grow but go totally unutilized because you’re not posting content regularly.  You don’t need to lose money every day because you’ve left a solid earning opportunity unexploited.  You don’t need to see Facebook downgrade your page and send you even lesser organic traffic cause you have very little or no content.  You don’t need to hire expensive and inefficient assistants and interns and pay them through the nose.

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 You don’t need to cancel your vacations sleep less and work like a zombie because you are busy all the time finding and posting content. It’s Time To Make Content Work Get You Profits Do Facebook Marketing The Right Way Make Things Easier  Go For - Maximum reach and maximum impact from your Facebook page without maximum effort.  Go For - automation instead of daily struggle to find and post fresh content.  Go For - better profits and higher margins through organic visitors and sales.  Go For - a faster growing sales page and better exposure to a targeted audience for your ads.  Go For - Multiple successful fan pages that keep growing and driving traffic without you having to personally give attention to each one every day.  Go For - Making your Facebook ads more profitable by reaching out to your fresh page subscribers with organic content.  Go For - Building a long-term asset that you can drive sales from even if you’re not advertising. If your Facebook strategy so far has only been about running ads or at the max barely managing to slowly grow one or two fan pages you need ReachMultiply. With ReachMultiply you will be able to put in place the 100 automated system that keeps on working and keeps on producing quality Facebook content even when you’re doing something more fun or more productive. This Is What Happens After You Get ReachMultiply

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You’re sitting on a ticking time bomb unless you create organic content and drive traffic from it to your sales pages content websites or landing pages. You see Facebook is going to consider your fan page a dead zone and show your posts even ads to less targeted less engaged viewers. Not only that when you don’t post content regularly your audience does not have any clue who you are. There’s a trust deficit which means lower conversions lower sales and lower profits. With ReachMultiply to manage your posts on automatic your content is going to be out there every day in front of your audience. They’ll see it they’ll know who you are and next time when you show them a sales ad they are going to respond better. So don’t do this to your business. Don’t give up on these easy profits. Conclusion By now you already know how valuable ReachMultiply is going to be for your business. So don’t delay and take action on this. Get ReachMultiply and put it to work. Make it work hard ReachMultiply ReachMultiply review ReachMultiply review and bonus ReachMultiply reviews ReachMultiply reviews and bonuses ReachMultiply discount ReachMultiply bonus ReachMultiply bonuses ReachMultiply review and discount ReachMultiply review in detail ReachMultiply ultimate review ReachMultiply demo ReachMultiply

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