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Back pain and spinal problems are the leading problems that cause a vast majority of people to live in suffering. Issues in the lumbar region and the spine physiotherapy at home in gurgaon for back pain gives you the relief from very first day. Our teams of Doctors are going to analysis reason of back pain and help them by proper home physiotherapy at gurgaon treatment. book an appointment with our specialized doctors call 9063121212 website :- contact number :- 9063696969, 9063121212 email id :- [email protected]


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Physiotherapy The Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon Physiotherapy is an allied health profession also called as physical therapy which includes biomechanics manual therapy exercise therapy and electrotherapy to help patients to restore maintain and increase their physical mobility strength and function. Physiotherapists exactly know how the body works and so they are trained in clinical skills to assess diagnose and treat disabilities. physiotherapy at home in gurgaon also helps patients to recover from injuries and disabilities like back pain neck pain knees pain issues. After working a lot do you also experience pain in your back Are you facing problems while bending and doing other works then you should go for physiotherapy Now you will look for physiotherapy center in gurgaon and may face some problems but do not go away I am here to tell you

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about the best physiotherapy at home. Physiotherapy at home helps you to reduce your pain sports and muscular injuries post-operative care respiratory issues post-heart attack Asthma etc. of your home as per your comfort. Physiotherapist in gurgaon Physiotherapy is known to be the most effective way for helping patients to restore their health and enhancing their physical strength function and mobility. Physiotherapists can also come to your home and will perform physiotherapy at home. The benefits of getting physiotherapy at home are: ● This service is very flexible with respect to your time management ● Personalised care is taken ● The recovery period for your problem is good ● Mobility issues are very rare ● It takes less time ● It is cost-effective When a particular type of pain in your body lasts for long and does not heals over a period of time and you also experience it after doing a particular movement then you should go to a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy will help you in these following issues: ● Paralysis: With regular physiotherapy treatment muscle tone can be improved making the patient mobile to the best extent as he can be in paralysis ● Parkinson’s Disease: Parkinsonism is a movement disorder in the body and by the help of Physiotherapy treatment the patient will be more mobility and independent ● Post Heart Attack: Physiotherapy done after heart attack helps in decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure at rest and during exercise ● Back Pain: A busy lifestyle poor posture and daily travel can cause regular back pain. The pain of your body will become your comfort with the help of a qualified and well-

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trained physiotherapist ● Asthma: Physiotherapy also helps in respiratory muscle training and reduces the chances of asthma attacks by improving a person’s breathing and physical abilities. ● Respiratory: In respiratory problems like asthma chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis the Physiotherapy has proved its name in reducing the risks of respiratory problems. Physiotherapy techniques at home are designed to help the patient recover faster. You can follow these tips to arrange physiotherapy at your home: ● Select a good spot in your house which has enough space well ventilated and well lit. The place must be free from any clutter because the physiotherapist might bring some small exercise equipment for your session ● Wear comfortable clothes like lowers pyjamas in which you feel comfortable. Do not wear clothes which restricts your body movement because your physiotherapist will have to evaluate your joint stability and movement and then decide your exercises ● Feel free to speak with your Physiotherapist about the areas of pain. If you are feeling uncomfortable in doing these exercises then tell your Physiotherapist ● Tell everything to your physiotherapist about how the pain started and what is the nature of pain and from how long you have been facing the problem ● You should focus on your exercises performed by your physiotherapist and if have any ask questions about anything then do not hesitate and directly ask your physiotherapist.

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For more information “:- website :- contact number :- 9063696969 9063121212 email id :-

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