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Back pain and spinal problems are the leading problems that cause a vast majority of people to live in suffering. Issues in the lumbar region and the spine physiotherapy at home in gurgaon for back pain gives you the relief from very first day. Our teams of Doctors are going to analysis reason of back pain and help them by proper home physiotherapy at gurgaon treatment. book an appointment with our specialized doctors call 9063121212 website :- contact number :- 9063696969, 9063121212 email id :- [email protected]


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Physiotherapy Service at Home in Gurgaon Noida Delhi at Our Capri Spine Clinics Your neck is formed of vertebrae that stretches from the bone to the higher trunk. The cervical disc absorbs shock between bones. The bones ligaments and muscles of your neck support your head and permit motion. Any abnormality swelling or injury could end in neck pain or stiffness. In several cases its because of poor posture or overuse. Neck pain is caused by a fall contact sports or injury from whiplash. Most of the time neck pain isnt in an exceedingly severe condition and may be alleviated in an exceedingly few days. If you have neck pain that persists for over a week and is critical or with alternative symptoms get medical advice immediately. Many of us usually get ourselves as a doctor for cervical neck pain treatment by physiotherapy service at home in gurgaon. But getting in touch with Capri Spine can be a great idea. Causes Of Neck Pain The neck pain specialist at Capri Spine exhibited that pain or stiffness of neck can be due to many reasons. The main reason for this is tension and stretch in neck muscles. This pain is usually due to sleeping incorrectly due to injury etc. However in some cases neck pain will indicate severe damage or not good wellness and needs neck pain specialist. There are several reasons for neck pain: · Working at a desk for too long without changing the position while working also causes neck pain

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· Sleeping in the wrong position while sleeping and exercising incorrectly also causes neck pain · Jerking your neck during exercise · An injury to the neck causes the neck muscles and ligaments to fall out of their usual range causing neck pain · Fibromyalgia also causes muscle pain in the neck and shoulder area. For this you need neck-shoulder pain treatment from the specialist. · One of the symptoms of a heart attack is neck pain that often presents with other signs of a heart attack such as shortness of breath arm or jaw pain nausea sweating and vomiting · Rheumatoid arthritis can cause neck pain when they are in the neck area · Osteoporosis bones can also cause neck pain. Neck Pain Solution - How to reduce Neck Pain at Home Expert at Capri Spine believes that if you follow these easy steps then you may easily get relief from neck pain: · Apply ice to the neck for the first few days and then heat the neck with a hot pad or by taking a warm bath. This is the best neck pain treatment in physiotherapy at home in gurgaon · Take pain relief medicines like ibuprofen or acetaminophen · Take a few days rest from a life filled with sports daily running. When resuming regular exercise keep in mind that do it slowly as it can cause neck pain to return · All neck-related exercises should be done every day to avoid neck pain. Do your head slowly side-to- side and up-down daily which will relieve pain · Use a good position for sleeping is the best neck pain solution · Avoid placing your phone between the neck and shoulder. While working change your position often and do not stand or sit in the same place for much longer. If you do this then you will get relief from neck pain. · Do not use pillows for sleeping · Get the neck massaged with soft hands. Physiotherapy for neck pain is an excellent treatment. This therapy is to reduce neck pain quickly. Doctors for Neck Pain Treatment

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CAPRI Spine hosts well-trained physiotherapist at home who are experienced in their field and aid patients with world-class treatments. Capri Spine is spread in East West North as well as South of Delhi as well as Noida and Gurgaon regions. If you have an acute or severe problem then considering home physiotherapy in gurgaon for neck pain will be a very good option. There are several types of manipulations or exercise the doctors for neck pain can suggest like to relieve stiffness strengthen an example to relieve stiffness strengthen the area and restore the normal function of the neck. Treatments such as heat or cold applications deep tissue massage electrical stimulation and ultrasound may be used prior to exercise. Original Content Source:Physiotherapist near me Contact Details: Capri Spine Clinic 179 Jagriti Enclave Vikas Marg Delhi India Pin 110092 Contact No. : 90631212129063696969 Email :