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Tutorials by Phoenix blue for forex chart analysis tutorial, forex trading software training, forex trading videos in Bergen.


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visit us at: Welcome to, Learn to trade ……….

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visit us at: About Us: Globally renowned Educators V ast experience of trading Successful Testimonials Expertise in F inancial trading

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visit us at: Programmes: 1. Fundamental Analysis 2. Technical Analysis 3. Commitment of Traders Analysis Analyze Macro Fundamental data such as interest rates, employment & inflation Technical Analysis is derived exclusively from Price Action & is stripped of all lagging indicators Analyze Buying and Selling in the Futures Market

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visit us at: Morning Updates : S howcasing morning updates : Financial marketing Trading Best tutorials for forex trading Chart Analysis learning online

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visit us at: Contact us: Follow us on: Phoenix Blue Trading Limited, Millbank Tower, First floor 1.5, Millbank , London SW1P 4GP Visit us at: Address:

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Thank you visit us at:

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