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Pop quiz 3 Getting ready for the management test Created by Philip and Billy

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This e-lecture will show you how to prepare for the test Remember the test is 10 am until 12 15 pm on Tuesday the 27th of March 2012 This allows you 10 minutes reading time and 2 hours to complete the test This is the third of 3 pop quizzes that help prepare you for the test You still need to use the other resources that you have access to To sit the test come to the normal class we have lectures in You only need to bring a pen-you will be supplied with the test paper that you will complete the test on

This pop quizz:

This pop quizz This pop quizz covers planning and control It is topic three-learning outcome 6 in the course outline You will find readings in the text book on these topics: For planning -pages 145 to 298 For control-pages 551-634

What is planning?:

What is planning? Process of setting goals and deciding how best to achieve them

What is control?:

What is control? This is how you regulate or organise a business or organisation to increase its chances of acheiving its goals

The pop quizz:

The pop quizz The first part of the pop quizz is about planning Part of planning is setting goals So what is a goal? You need to know what a goal is to answer question 1 and 2 of the pop quizz


Baaaaaaa Have a look at question 3 When we are looking at goals we need to understand that there are different types and levels of goals On page 192 of the text book you will see how these can be broken down we also see how they break down the different levels of management see the table on page 198 of the text book Is Mary’s goal realistic? What do you think?

Vision.Mission.Corporate strategy. :

Vision.Mission.Corporate strategy. Question 4 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) Vision: this is a dream-its in often what a founder of a company or business had visualised Differs from a mission-see page 194-figure 6.3 a ‘mission statement’ A mission is more solid in meaning-it is the purpose or fundamental reason for a business to exist Strategy questions Goals linked to a strategic goal-an example

Question 4 (e)(f):

Question 4 (e)(f) Barriers to effective planning see page 201 First plan, lack of optimism, lack of focus or wrong focus, competitors actions

How the parts link together:

How the parts link together


Control This is how you regulate or organise a business or organisation to increase its chances of acheiving its goals Covers different types of control Page 566 discusses different types of control You need to do some reading to work out what each of the types of control are so you can answer questions 5,6 and ‘1’

Questions 7 (a), (b), 8 (a)9 (a), (b),(c):

Questions 7 (a), (b), 8 (a)9 (a), (b),(c) Measuring performance Comparing performance against standards 3 types of control 3 barriers

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