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Welcome to back to school night! : 

Welcome to back to school night! Mr. tse’s 3rd grade class

10 Minute scavenger hunt : 

10 Minute scavenger hunt End 10 MINUTE TIMER

Getting to Know Your Child’s Teacher : 

Getting to Know Your Child’s Teacher Personal Life– Grew up in Monterey Park with a younger sister. Education –Masters Degree in Education, Science Education Philosophy – All Children Can Learn! Different teaching strategies & techniques Meaningful & Fun!

School Mission and Vision : 

School Mission and Vision Mission: Vision: Reed Union‘s vision is to provide our children with extraordinary opportunities to enlighten their minds, inspire their hearts, and strengthen their resolve to positively impact their world. Nurture. Teach. Inspire.

Parents as Partners in Education! : 

Parents as Partners in Education! Volunteering Communication with the teacher and school Green Folder Classroom website: Notes when absent Extra curricular family activities

Voluntary Class Wish List : 

Voluntary Class Wish List Tse store items (knick knacks from the 99 cent store) Copy Paper Pencils Colored markers and pencils Writing paper Kleenex Baby Wipes

Daily Classroom Schedule : 

Daily Classroom Schedule Time Subject 8:00-8:05 Flag Salute/Attendance 8:05-8:20 Daily Practice/Journal 8:20-9:30 Lang. Arts (Reading, Vocabulary, Phonics) 9:30-10:00 Universal Access / Language Development 10:00-10:20 Recess 10:20-11:30 Math (Mon – Library 10:30-11:05) 11:30-12:15 Lunch 12:15-12:45 Teacher Read-A-Loud 12:30-1:30 Language Arts (Grammar/Writing/Spelling/Systematic ELD) 1:30-2:00 M/W Social Studies, T/Th Science, F Art/Spec Proj 2:00-2:18 Closure

Curriculum : 

Curriculum Houghton Mifflin Language Arts 7 day pacing plan of instruction Homework follows plan of instruction Test every Friday (Spelling, Grammar and Comprehension) Family Literacy Night

Math : 

Math Scott-Foresman new Math adoption Daily math pages will be sent home for review and homework Vocabulary development and manipulatives are part of program Math Stars – students must memorize facts Family Math Night

Writing : 

Writing Daily - journal Blueprint for Writing and Step Up to Writing Model Story writing Description Report Friendly Letter Instructions Personal Narrative A Standards Based Scoring Guide will be used to grade their writing

Science : 

Science New McGraw Hill adoption and materials Science Correlation with Language Arts Series Trout in the Classroom Family Science Night

Social Studies : 

Social Studies Pearson Education Student booklets will go home Correlation with Language Arts

Visual and Performing Arts : 

Visual and Performing Arts Directed Art and Drawing Choral Reading Special Projects Singing (Christmas Performance and one Awards Presentation)

Homework : 

Homework Develop good study habits Foster a positive attitude towards school Learning takes place at home as well as school (Marzano,Pickering,Pollack 1989, Classroom Instruction that Works). Spelling, Math, and Writing (review homework assignments) Parents review packet before returning and sign. At first your child may need minimal help, but our goal is to have them develop the work habits to complete the work independently. The format of the homework is the same for most of the year. Other “Special Projects” homework Not graded but recorded as complete/incomplete and recorded as a study habit on our report card.

Homework tips : 

Homework tips Set up an organized place Consistent schedule Encourage, motivate, prompt your child, but do not sit with them. Purpose to use and practice what he has learned. Ask your child what was difficult, easy and the steps used. Call the teacher if your child is consistently not able to share in discussion what he/she is learning and practicing. The minutes your child is using should be 20 minutes nightly.It really should not be more than an hour a night. When bedtime comes, it is time to stop. When your child is tired or at a frustration level, just stop and record the ending time. Just send me a note explaining why.

Class Rules : 

Class Rules Listen when others are talking Follow Directions Quickly – “Ask 3 Before Me” Keep hands, feet, objects to yourself Work quietly and do not disturb others Show respect for school and personal property Work and Play in a safe manner Rewards: Tse dollars/Tse checks/Tse store Field trips Student of Week/ Month Citizenship Awards Consequences: Recess Reflection Parent Communication Move to another learning place in the room away from others Referral Principal visit After school detention

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