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The Physical Explanation of Solar Radiation:

The Physical Explanation of Solar Radiation By Phillip Dougherty

Ra or Re, and Horace:

Ra or Re, and Horace Believed to be reborn each day Fights Set daily for control of the sky Ra became Horace in later Egyptian myths (Time Magazine, 2016).

Charles Darwin Lord Kelvin:

Charles Darwin Lord Kelvin Science Sparks a Debate

The Search for a Solution… :

The Search for a Solution… Wilhelm Rontgen Henry Becquerel Pierre Curie

The Solution :

The Solution Ernest Rutherford “ The discovery of the radio-active elements, which in their disintegration liberate enormous amounts of energy, thus increases the possible limit of the duration of life on this planet, and allows the time claimed by the geologist and biologist for the process of evolution” ( Albritton , 1980, p. 202 )

Hans Bethe 1938:

Hans Bethe 1938 Proposed a process in which hydrogen was able to release massive quantities of energy by fusing into other hydrogen atoms to create helium atoms. Fun Fact: Hans Bethe was born in 1905 and lived to be 99 years old. He lived long enough to have all of his theories validated.


Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker This cycle result in 4 hydrogen atoms being fused into an alpha particle using carbon as a catalyst. Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen Cycle

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