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describe about buccal drug delivery systems


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Buccal Drug Delivery SystembyR.Indira PrasannaM.PharmDept. Of Pharmaceutics : 

Buccal Drug Delivery SystembyR.Indira PrasannaM.PharmDept. Of Pharmaceutics

Introduction : 

Introduction Transmucosal routes as an alternative method of systemic drug delivery over the injectables and enterable methods which includes Noninvasive administration, Rapid onset of action, Good bioavailability, Elimination of hepatic first pass metabolism

Buccal Cavity : 

Buccal Cavity The Buccal mucosa lines the inner cheek Placed between the upper gingival and cheek

Merits : 

Merits Bypass the hepatic first pass effect Immobile surface area Abundant vascularisation, Rapid recovery time Self-administrable Painless administration Easy drug withdrawal

Demerits : 

Demerits Drugs having unpleasant taste or odor, instability at buccal pH, irritability to buccal mucosa cannot be administered by this route. Drugs that are not absorbed by passive diffusion. Swallowing of saliva can lead to the loss of drug

Structure of the oral mucosa : 

Structure of the oral mucosa

Permeability & Environment : 

Permeability & Environment permeability of the buccal mucosa is 4–4000 times greater than that of the skin & Mucus is bound to the apical cell surface and acts as a protective layer to the cells below The salivary fluid plays a major role to hydrate oral mucosal dosage forms.

Barriers To Buccal Mucosa : 

Barriers To Buccal Mucosa Membrane coating granules Basement membrane Mucus Saliva

Enhancement of buccal transport : 

Enhancement of buccal transport Substances that facilitate the permeation through buccal mucosa are referred as permeation enhancer The ideal properties of permeation enhancers Safe and non-toxic. Pharmacologically and chemically inert. Non-irritant. Non-allergenic.

Contd… : 


Absorption pathways : 

Absorption pathways

Buccal mucoadhesive dosage forms : 

Buccal mucoadhesive dosage forms

Buccal formulations(solid) : 

Buccal formulations(solid)

Buccal formulations(semisolid) : 

Buccal formulations(semisolid)

Liposomal buccal formulations : 

Liposomal buccal formulations

Experimental Methodology : 

Experimental Methodology Evaluation

Invitro Release Studies : 

Invitro Release Studies

Invitro Permeation Studies : 

Invitro Permeation Studies

Slide 19: 

Experimental animal species for invivo-studies

Slide 20: 

Research on mucoadhesive polymers And delivery systems

Recent & future of bdds : 

Recent & future of bdds

Conclusion : 


Slide 23: 


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