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Branding Your Businesswith MyShoppingGenie : 

Branding Your Businesswith MyShoppingGenie Everybody Wins when Everybody Wins

MyShoppingGenie 3.0 : 

Click on the Genie Logo for an introduction The Genie is unique with 3 patents pending, it is certified safe from all spyware, adware and malware, and the Genie uses very little memory and will not slow down your computer. MyShoppingGenie 3.0

THE “BUZZ”Click on the 2 pictures below to hear what’s being said : 

THE “BUZZ”Click on the 2 pictures below to hear what’s being said

Time to See for Yourself : 

One fast and simple download is all that stands between you and the hottest new software technology on the Net! Click on the Button below to go to the Genie Download page. Simply review the information and click on the download button. Follow the simple instructions and receive your free Genie. The entire process typically takes a minute or less! Time to See for Yourself


They will save money on the things that they already are buying or planning to buy. They will find online shopping to be faster, easier and more fun than ever before. They will find more information faster than ever with the hyper-aggregate search button. The Genie will enhance their local searching & shopping experience through local directory and price matching and price knowledge. Free Offers and Special Offers from recognized companies like ADT, General Mills and Proctor & Gamble. BENEFITS TO YOUR CUSTOMER


MyShoppingGenie offers incredible promotional and branding opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. You can customize the Genie with personal or business websites, special causes or unique services... there is virtually no limit to what can be done! Don’t have a Web site? MyShoppingGenie offers its Distributors incredible tools for free, including the Business Profile Builder and Coupon Maker. You can now have a presence on the Web with no additional cost! With MyShoppingGenie, EVERY TIME the user does a search on a major search engine, the Genie will appear with YOUR name, company name or logo! This can be utilized by businesses, special interest groups, non-profit organizations, schools, churches and fundraising groups just to name a few, providing massive online exposure and highly effective marketing. THE GENIE IS BRANDABLE!!!

Benefits to Your BusinessYour Business Follows Your Customer out the Door!!! : 

A Free Gift from You Sure Beats a Refrigerator Magnet!! Consistent, Persistent Branding* Your business name or logo is riding on top of every search that occurs. Word of Mouth Advertising When people get a good deal, they tell others! Enhanced Web Presence- Hyperlink puts your customer one click away from your web page Supercharge your promotions and special offers through the coupon maker and business profile pages. Strengthen Customer Loyalty through increased communication. Personalizing and regularly changing your coupons and profile page make them feel like part of the family. Benefits to Your BusinessYour Business Follows Your Customer out the Door!!!

The Marketing Toolthat Pays for Itself! : 

Build a Passive and Powerful Stream of Income!***- Your customer’s computer becomes an online ATM. As they save money, you make affiliate income. Profit from the Marketing Efforts of Other Businesses- By sponsoring as few as two other businesses and/or individuals as distributors of our software, our Cooperative Pay Plan can put many others to work for you building an independent and self-motivated sales force. The Marketing Toolthat Pays for Itself!

What’s All this Gonna Cost? : 

$199 ONE TIME*. For MSG Distribution license allowing unlimited downloads. $29 Monthly – Covers all hosting and maintenance of your Genies and websites & includes all future updates.** Flyers and Banner Ads are freely available for customization and printing in your backoffice*** As you are a licensed distributor, you may incorporate your Genie giveaway in your business ads on the Web, radio and television. It is easy to see how MyShoppingGenie pays for itself with the affiliate income alone!! This is what they mean when they say NO BRAINER! What’s All this Gonna Cost?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee : 

Your $199 licensing fee is fully refundable within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not thrilled with what the Genie can do to brand your business and expand your web presence, then we’ll refund your $199 and thank you for trying our product. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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