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HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR AC AIR FILTER YET Contrary to common opinion the filter inside your HVAC system is there for the safety of your machine rather than helping to may the duct inside your house although it doesnt hurt that effort either. Although this may not seem to be an essential part of your system the condition in which your filter is will make a major difference in how well your air conditioner functions. If youre not sure what your air filters real purpose is or if you need to change it out we can provide some clarification. For your reference weve listed some of the most frequently asked questions about air filters for your PartsAPS air conditioner to give you a better idea of what this part of your system is doing. FAQS For AC FILTER Here are some important things to know about the air filter of your system and the care it needs. Q. WHAT FOR AIR FILTER A: Theres your air filter and its supposed to keep dust dirt fur and other contaminants out of your HVAC system. For example in central air conditioners put in what is known as the "return air duct" which is the portion of your system that pulls the warm air out of your home to cool off and then push back through the vents. Without the filter any contaminants pulled through the return air duct in the air will have access to your device which may cause several problems. Q: As I SWITH MY FILTER AIR A: How often the air filter in your system needs to be adjusted or cleaned depends on how frequently you use your air conditioner. We advise you to test your filter every one to three months in general. For example if youre using a heat pump that runs almost the whole year to provide you with cool and warm air you might need to switch the filter out or clean it monthly for this system. In comparison an AC filter that is part of a system that hasnt been used too frequently say in late winter can potentially make it three months before it needs to be changed. Q. DO I CLEAN OR MY FILTER Drop OUT A. What you do with your air filter depends on what type of filter they are. Unless it is unused after making sure you have an equivalent filter to replace it you should throw away the old one. If reusable follow cleaning directions such as using a damp cloth to wipe it down and get rid of the built-up debris. How to Fix That Noisy Air Conditioner That’s Driving You Crazy Do you remember the Mad Men episode where the relentless brain-numbing blare of the machine practically drives Ginsberg insane When you work in an office with a loud air-conditioner you might be concerned that you or anyone around you are headed for a similar fate.

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If you have been stuck working at home because of the pandemic it can be even more frustrating to deal with an HVAC noise problem. You certainly dont have to complain to an office maintenance man or anywhere to hide from the annoying noise that comes from your air conditioner. If the noisy air conditioner triggers a panic its time to take care of the situation and figure out how to keep your noisy air conditioner quit for good. First of all: You have to get to the bottom of the noisy air conditioner source. The cause of the noisy air conditioner is known Your noisy air conditioner may be causing a wide variety of underlying issues. To start troubleshooting be careful what the noise sounds like and where it comes from. And in the list below find your HVAC noise and learn about the potential causes and what to do. NOISY AIR CONDITIONER: Running constantly If your air conditioner sounds normal but never seems to turn off or if it continually cycles on and off there are several reasons for concern: • Energy lost. If your loud air conditioner is running continuously your electric bill always runs up. • Parts wear and tear. If the continuous running strains your mind just imagine the toll it would take on the components of your air conditioner. Warning of imminent breakdown A loud air conditioner is a warning that something is going wrong or about to go wrong according to Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration NEWS. Something is not working properly and if you dont take care of it the situation will get worse. The noise will eventually stop but so will your air conditioning. Here are a few of the possible reasons your noisy air conditioner is running constantly: • Coils need to be cleaned • Air filters are clogged • Refrigerant is leaking • Controls are faulty • Blower motor or fan speed • Ducts have holes • Evaporator coil is frozen When your air-conditioner blasts warm air and works continuously youve probably got frozen coils. In that case shut the system off fully and immediately call a trained HVAC repair professional to avoid further system damage. Otherwise it is not an emergency so a service visit will be able to deal quickly and efficiently with other problems.

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NOISY AIR CONDITIONER: Volume cranked to the max If you have always been too noisy with your air conditioning system you might have selected the wrong unit. It might be a lower cost device with an air conditioner blower lacking noise reduction technology or the device could be too large for space. In this scenario you will bring in an HVAC design expert to test the functionality of your device. Here are some of the changes you might need to make to stop air conditioner noise: • Locate the equipment from offices classrooms and dining rooms as far as you can. • Build buffer zones between the noisy equipment and the quiet areas. Those may be rooms for printing or storage areas. • To produce more air position mechanical rooms close to roadways or noisy areas outside. • Build ductwork to ensure the air flows effortlessly even flowing. Some types of ductwork produce a chaotic flow requiring larger and louder fans. • Instead of the air return louvers use duct air returns. The latter causes air to move from room to room carrying noise from the equipment and even conversations all over the building. NOISY AIR CONDITIONER: Whistling and whining Those ghostly noises which seem to come from all over the place can be very unnerving. Not to mention getting interrupted while you are on the phone or trying to hold a meeting. The good news is after all the cause is nothing "unnatural" but rather problems with airflow and air pressure with your HVAC system: • Clogged filters • Leaky ducts • Inadequate ventilation design • Fan motor speed NOISY AIR CONDITIONER: Rattling and shaking What is important here is that you listen to where the rattle comes from. Is it a vent or a return to a particular room Or does the air conditioner apparently originate from the unit itself You may have worn bearings in the fan motor if its the air conditioner or the fan motor blades may get damaged. The machine itself will also need to be stabilized on the surface on which it sits. Dont even try to repair it yourself The noisy air conditioner has electrical high-voltage components and harmful refrigerant chemicals. Let the experts take this on board.

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NOISY AIR CONDITIONER: Squeaking and squealing If your squeaky air conditioner has not been serviced in a while there may be maintenance issues for your noisy air conditioner including: • The belt in the blower fails. A problem that has caused air conditioner squealing may have arisen from the belt driving the blower motor. It may have slipped it may have come loose or it may be worn and it needs replacing. This would have been fixed long before it developed that nasty squeal during an HVAC preventive maintenance inspection. • Engine shaft bearings require oiling. Again this is an issue that can be easily avoided with regular maintenance. Every so often the moving parts of your air conditioner need to be oiled so they continue to work efficiently and quietly. Peace and quiet is just one of the many costs of not having your HVAC equipment maintained regularly. Bad maintenance can also cost your company in a variety of ways you may not know.