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The key to success is applying the SECURE to a dry mouth and denture and then finding the amount that is perfect for you. The holding time is dependent on the amount of saliva in your mouth and the amount of SECURE you use.To maximize your hold be sure your dentures and your mouth are completely clean and dry before using SECURE. Warm the tube in your hands before using SECURE and squeeze the tube gently. Use a small amount of SECURE first time. If the hold is not long enough add a little more the next time. If the hold is too long use a little less next time. Apply SECURE to your dentures either in a series of dots or by applying a thin coat on the surface of your denture. Be sure that the area you apply the SECURE is going to come in contact with your gums. Do not apply SECURE too close to the edge of your dentures because it will just be pushed out when you put the denture in your dry mouth. Be sure to bite firmly when you place the denture in your dry mouth to ensure a tight hold. To Keep the nozzle from clogging cap tightly after each use. Best Way to Apply SECURE For more information visit:

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