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Secure Denture Adhesive, the best Zinc free denture cream. Waterproof and 100% taste free. If your dentures need glue, get Secure.


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Best Way to Clean Secure Off Your Dentures | Dental Adhesive Our consumers have found that a variety of methods can be used to clean SECURE from their dentures. Keep in mind that SECURE is non-water soluble, so water simply changes the consistency of SECURE. Cold water firms the SECURE. Warm water makes the SECURE soft and gooey. Cold water allows you to pull it out . Warm water will allow you to wipe it out.

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SECURE Cleansing Tabs are perfectly formulated with a PH of 9 to provide the best clean up of dentures. 2. If you don’t use SECURE Cleansing Tabs, look for cleanser with a PH of 9. If you do not have cleansing tabs available, you can use 90% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a cotton swap and then rinse your dentures. This will help to remove residual left behind in lieu of cleansing tabs. Some consumers have found that they get SECURE stuck to their gums or pallet after removing their dentures. This can be easily removed with your toothbrush or clean finger.

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