Waterproof Secure Denture Adhesive Cream

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Secure denture adhesive cream is different and waterproof. It is zinc free and tasteless. You can confidently smile, eat and talk while having it all day. Discover it for yourself here.


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Waterproof Secure Denture Adhesive Cream

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Secure Denture Adhesive Cream 1.4 oz. Zinc-Free Secure Denture Adhesive doesnt need zinc to work. It makes a strong bond between denture and gum. It doesnt dissolve in water and wont wash away when you are eating and drinking causing dentures to slip and slide. It is 100 free of taste and made from food grade ingredients. It prevents slipping and sliding upto 12 hours. Discover a completely new and natural denture feeling with secure denture adhesive cream.

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Secure Denture Adhesive Cushion Strips: 15 Strips Zinc-Free Secure Denture Adhesive Strips is not soluble in water and acts as a soft liner which will prevent tissue irritation compression ulcers and inflammation of oral mucosa- without causing jaw recession. It gives you extra comfort and firmly hold for all day. You can confidently speak and eat in front of everyone while having it.

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Secure Anti-Plaque Cleansing Tablets - 32 Tablets Zinc Free Secure Denture presents the denture cleanser which will help to remove the plaque better than toothbrush. These secure cleansing tablets ● Kills bacteria. ● Kills germs. ● Remove stains. ● Cleans and fresh dentures at the same time.

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Denture Adhesive and Denture Cream www.securedenture.com 1-888-757-0808

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