Choose the Perfectly Sized Bowl for Your Pooch

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Choose the Perfectly Sized Bowl for Your Pooch online at


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Choose the Perfectly Sized Bowl for Your Pooch A dog bowl is extremely important for your pooch’s nutritional health and fact is that all dog bowls are not made equal. Every dog bowl has different features and it goes without saying that some dog bowls are better than others depending on the type of dog you have. So when you are about to buy dog bowls it is important you select the right size and type for your dog. Deep Bowl If you have a large dog remember to get a bowl that is deep and broad. A shallow or narrow bowl will not allow the dog’s mouth to fit in. Deep bowls are also perfect for dogs with long and floppy ears as well. This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning the ears of your dog after the meal. Deep bowls are also ideal for dogs with long snouts. A greyhound and dachshund are perfect examples of dogs with long snouts. These breeds require deep bowls so that they don’t hurt their noses while eating. Shallow Bowl Shallow bowls are right for small breed dogs puppies or breeds that have stout noses. Boxers bulldogs and similar breeds should be fed from a shallow bowl as it prevents them from straining their neck while eating. Elevated Tray Senior dogs will benefit from elevated trays that can accommodate the water

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bowl and food bowl. This way they won’t have to crane their necks to get to the food and water and will be able to eat and drink without experiencing pain in their spine. If you are looking to buy dog bowls that are of high quality and are ideal for your dog check out Pet Club India. Here you will be able to find plastic stainless steel and ceramic bowls of different sizes and depths for your four-legged family member with ease. To buy Dog Bowls online visit us at

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