Strategies to Functional the Existing HR Violation Reports, Effectiven

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Strategies to Functional the Existing HR Violation Reports, Effectiveness of Documentation and UN Treaties:

Strategies to Functional the Existing HR Violation Reports, Effectiveness of Documentation and UN Treaties Premangshu S. Sarkar Sr. Officer Legal Bandhu Social Welfare Society

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Poverty & Less Education Harassment & Violence Self Hatred Careless about Health Lack of Social Obligation Lack of Mutual Respect Lack of Care & Support Stigma & Discrimination Sexual Minorities criminalized , Stigmatized & Target of Discrimination & Violence Rights Violation Criminalization Stereotype Enforcement of Law & Policy Limited Access to Rights & Service Sexual Minorities Hostile Policy & Law

Responses of BSWS:

Responses of BSWS Task Force Formation. Advocacy Workshop/ Meeting/ Seminar with different stakeholders. Formed Different Forums & Organized Regular Meetings. Organized Training/ Group Session Publish & Distribute BCC. HR Violation & Violence Report. Memorandum Submission Human Chain Procession



Two Questions:

Two Questions HR Violation Reports Functional??? How well the Forums are Functional???


HR VIOLATION REPORT: DATA SPEAK UP Name of FO Case Reported (January – June, 11) Mirpur 07 Palton 09 Sylhet 02 Chittagong 00 Mymensingh 01 Comilla 00 Rajbari 00


FEATURES OF PROVIDED DATA Crime reported [in maximum cases] not rights violation Activity Focused Report Lack of recommendations & FO level follow up Same old stories with new person, place & date No Forum Members are Involved in the Process

Way Forward:

Way Forward Rights violation focused report Strong Filed Level Initiatives & Follow up Specific Recommendations Stop Repeating the stories Involve Forum Members

Rights Violation & Crime:

Rights Violation & Crime Rights VIOLATION CRIME Violation of human rights includes absence of : right to personal liberty and Due Process of Law ; freedom of thought, expression, religion, organization, and movement; Crime is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority ( via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction.


Continues…… Rights VIOLATION CRIME freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, language, and sex; right to basic education, employment and property Every crime violates the law Legal Rights Infringed Most crimes may not be reported, recorded, followed through, or able to be proved

Rights Violation & Harassment Types of Sexual Minorities:

Rights Violation & Harassment Types of Sexual Minorities Crime HR Violation Both Crime & HR Violation Snatched Restricting Interaction Killing Assault / Battery Scolding Sexual Abuse & Assault Defamation Teasing Deprived from Property Blackmailing Discrimination in access rights & services Abatement to Suicide Domestic Violence Limited Access to Assemble, Movement & Expression of Thoughts Suspected Arrest Enacted Law Focused UDHR Focused

Steps Forward:

Steps Forward Produce report focusing HR violation AO/ PO Review the report & Investigate the Incident Involve Forum Members in the issue Send it to Sr. Legal Officer Make Strong Recommendations Follow up the issue

Justify the Issue by AO/PO/DIC Manager:

Justify the Issue by AO/PO/DIC Manager Justify the Nature of issue – Crime or HR Violation??? Who can resolve it??? How can be resolved??? Resolve Locally Or, Centrally??? Local Forum Members can address the incident ??? Need Legal Aid, Media Support or, LEA & LEB addressing??? Whom else can be informed or involved in the issue??? What are the learning??? What are the results of Follow up??? Process Documentation in track???

Roles & Responsibilities of Forum Members: Action Plan Based Functional???:

Roles & Responsibilities of Forum Members: Action Plan Based Functional??? Roles & Responsibilities of Forum Members Action Plan Based Achievement Facilitate BSWS & its project participants Support Establishing Enabling Environment and Rights of Sexual Minorities Any Time Farmed Action Plan for the Forums?? What are areas of plan?? Which supports that covers?? What are the Achievements of the Plan??


Results Rights Violation Properly Reported, Addressed & Well Documented Rights Situation of Sexual Minorities Improved Access to Rights & Services Increased Less Stigma & Discrimination Social Inclusion & Participation Ensured Functional Forums

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