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The presentation reflects the human rights status of sexual minority population in Bangladesh and addressing mechanism and efforts undertaken by Bandhu Social Welfare Society, a national NGO working for the weeing of sexual minority. This presentation was used in a sensitization meeting where district level lawyers of Dhaka Bar Council and panel lawyers of District Legal Aid Committee, Dhaka were present.


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Meeting with District Legal Aid Committee, Dhaka25 May, 2011 : 

Meeting with District Legal Aid Committee, Dhaka25 May, 2011 Premangshu S. Sarkar Senior Officer - Legal Bandhu Social Welfare Society

Why are we here today? : 

Why are we here today? To know about Bandhu Social Welfare Society & Ongoing Activities Introduce District Level Lawyers Group (DLLG) of BSWS. Develop a action plan of collaboration with DLAC


BANDHU SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY Established in 1996 Registered under Social Welfare Department and NGO Affairs Bureau of Government of Bangladesh Started its activities in Dhaka in 1997 in order to reduce the risk of STI / HIV & AIDS transmission and improved sexual health achieved and sustained amongst sexual minorities.

Geographical Coverage : 

Geographical Coverage We are in: 3 Divisions Dhaka Chittagong Sylhet 19 Districts 21 DICs/ Field Office

Target Population : 

Target Population Sexual Minorities Group: - MSM - Hijra/TG

Funding/ Donors : 


Our Service And Activities : 

Our Service And Activities 1. Community Strengthening and Mobilizing to More Effectively Engage in Governance, Policy, and Service Delivery: Provision of safe spaces to meet, socialize and educate Outreach and networking Health and rights education Establish Human Rights Capacity Building Policy and advocacy development Knowledge Generation

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2. Social Welfare and Support Services: Drop-in services Psychosexual and psychological counseling Livelihood Programme

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3. Health Services STI and other general & sexual health treatment services HIV voluntary testing and counseling Care and support services Referrals for ARV access and other health services Collaboration with different service provider.



SIDA Project Summary : 

SIDA Project Summary Title of Project: A rights based initiative to community strengthening, reducing stigma & discrimination and minimizing risk of the further spread of HIV for sexual minorities in Bangladesh. Duration: January, 2010 – January, 2012 Funding: SIDA/RFSU

Continues….. : 

Continues….. Overall objective: Better lives for sexual minorities through less stigma and discrimination and enhanced health Project Purpose: Strengthened community and better services for sexual minorities in Bangladesh

SRHR Issues & BSWS : 

SRHR Issues & BSWS Community Strengthening: Networking with sexual minority organization Form Self Help Group Promotional Material on SRHR Trainings on SRHR issues Mass Awareness through Public Media (i.e. FM Radio) Strengthening Resource Centre & Web Site Newsletters on SRHR & Sexual Minority Issues Advance Learning on Public Health/Finance

Continues…… : 

Continues…… Reducing stigma & Discrimination: Strengthen Media Advocacy & Publish Article Advocacy with Policy Makers, Lawyers & Religious Leaders Collaboration with Human Rights Organization Produce Documentary focused on Sexual Minority Conduct Study on Harassment & Violence Documenting Rights Violation & Report to Exact Authorities.

Continues…… : 

Continues…… Minimizing Risk: Distribute safer sex commodities Provide Psycho-social support Provide treatment support for sexual minorities that is available at BSWS Develop partnership with health service providers from public and private sectors Arrange advanced treatment service for minority group members through partnership

Footstep of Achievement : 

Footstep of Achievement

Continues…… : 


Where the hope lands…… : 

Where the hope lands…… Individual sexual minority groups organized, strengthened and functional Increased knowledge in sexual minorities on SRHR Organizational Capacity Developed Identified stakeholders and religious groups sensitized on SRHR & Sexual Minority issues Strengthened capacity to work on sexual harassment and violence Health care service facilities and commodities for sexual minorities increased

Legal Status of Sexual Minorities : 

Legal Status of Sexual Minorities Fundamental Rights Violation Human Rights Violation Criminalization Stereotype Enforcement of Law & Policy Stigma & Discrimination Limited Access to Legal Service

Section – 377, BPC : 

Section – 377, BPC Unnatural Sex: Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with [imprisonment] for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine. Explanation- Penetration is sufficient to constitute the carnal intercourse necessary to the offence described in this section.

An Example of Extreme Rights Violation : 

An Example of Extreme Rights Violation

Action Plan & Collaboration : 

Action Plan & Collaboration ??????? Next Plan

Thank You All&Questions : 

Thank You All&Questions

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