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Tree lopping refers to cutting of stems or branches of a tree and this is cut between the branch unions. The professional arborists do not put this into practice to do as it is detrimental to trees. This is because the 2005 Protection act prohibits tree lopping as it is considered a damaging activity. Visit this tree lopping services Tree lopping causes decay and dysfunction in major structural wood parts. The trees lopped are unsafe and this is because the new branches growing replacing the lost branched due to lopping are from epicormic buds and so have a weak attachment. As such growth involves no mechanism to attach the shoots to pre-existing older wood. In fact, it may also result in failure as the decay expands into the wood from the wounds of the tree lopping.

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Why prevent lopping Tree lopping or topping is considered to be an unethical thing done to a tree. This I because of the following reasons : Tree lopping implies removal of all or most of the leaves. The food source of are removed as removing the tree leaves means the food store is lost. The leaves store and create starches and the tree consumes carbohydrates converting into energy. This process is lost once the leaves are removed and compels the tree to depend on the reserve stores that are finite and it becomes depleted if too often it is drawn upon . Sometimes, trees fail to recover from lopping, and in such conditions they die or decline. This happen with trees that undergo stress while lopping.

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Likewise, though the attachment point is at the branch surface, the new attached shoots may be weak, but will grow quickly and become laden heavily with foliage. Click here tree lopping technique Th 4 ere are 2 specialized lopping forms acceptable: Pollarding Hedging Pollarding This is a special pruning form involving at regular intervals pruning off regrowth. This occurs at 1-2 years intervals and the pruning intervals period of extension may increase the branch failure risk. Thus, it is important to know that pollarding is acceptable for a young tree selected for a treatment. Pollarding is also useful for a large tree that is lopped previously. Trees that undergo pollarding commonly are ornamental species such as:Get More Info: lopping in

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Crepe Myrtle Rubinia Mop Top Manchuria Pear Hedging Hedge trimming is a lopping form as it means cutting stems between branch unions. Like tree lopping, even with hedge trimming there is poorly attached unions and vigorous regrowth. Yet, this is regarded to be a practice acceptable owing to the way the hedges are kept. Generally, the hedges are trimmed in 1-2 years and in some cases in every 6 months. Frequent trimming averts new shoots from growing and also failing due to its own weight. Summery: At Perth Arbor Services, they offer a range of professional tree services in Perth, including tree lopping, tree risk assessment, palm trimming, tree pruning, power line clearance and tree removals seven days a week.   Visit this site to learn more: