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Get the best advice of well experienced Dr. Cohen to fix the weight and gradually remove it from the body. It will provide you endurance and energy automatically in your body. Get to know about the additional foods to eat in your daily routine. To get the perfect body shape visit here


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While it is enough for men to stop eating junk food and drink sugary beverages to lose weight nicely, it is a whole different story for us ladies and especially with the monthly cycle, pregnancies and the need to look well while working as hard as the men around us. Dr. Cohen understands these issues and explained that obesity is not a result of fat in taking only. It is related with hormonal imbalance. He asks dieters to undergo simple blood tests. Then he evaluates these blood reports with its database of thousands of results gathered over more than 30 years of work experience.


He prepares a specific diet chart in accordance to their report evaluation. The personalized approach of Dr. Cohen to every dieter fixes their weight in natural manner. The right food habits keep this process like Meal prep for weight loss female everlasting. He never advises anyone to buy expensive food supplement and takes food from all groups i.e. red meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits and crackers.


Thereafter, right hormonal scenario results in preservation of dieter’s organ, body and muscle tissue. Fat gets break down and our pretty females get renewed stamina and energy. This perfect shape not only helps our females to look attractive in the crowd but saves them from chronic diseases in near future.


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