Raw Food vs Cooked Foods

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Raw Food vs Cooked Foods:

Raw Food vs Cooked Foods By: Walter Ingram http://rawfooddietplans.net

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Have you ever considered the benefits of eating raw foods vs cooked foods?  You may be amazed to learn about the amazing differences between eating a raw food diet in place of a diet predominantly filled with cooked foods.  It all starts at the level of energy.

Eating For Energy Demands Raw Foods :

Eating For Energy Demands Raw Foods Are you familiar with Kirlian photography?  This amazing type of photography allows you to see the actual living energy aura of any living item.  When you start your comparison of raw foods vs cooked foods by comparing their energy levels the difference is shocking. A Kirlian photograph of raw foods shows a bright strong aura surrounding the food.  This energy is available for your body to use.  The same photograph of the exact same food after cooking shows almost zero energy aura.  You have lost the powerful living energy of the food which could have been transferred to your body.  When you are eating for energy do you want the maximum amount of energy or do you want to cook it all away?

A Healthy Diet Requires the Presence of Raw Foods:

A Healthy Diet Requires the Presence of Raw Foods Many people rarely eat anything except cooked foods.  Raw fruits and vegetables are not an item they care to have except for the occasional salad.  The problem with eating this way is the loss of vitamins and essential enzymes.  Once you cook your food the entire chemical makeup of the food changed. Vitamins which were in high concentration in the broccoli, spinach, peas, or other foods are now washed away.  The important enzymes contained in the foods are destroyed.  Even the sugar and protein content of foods are dramatically changed.  None of these changes are positive. What you create by applying heat are groups of substances the body does not know how to process.  Important elements of your food go from being healthy to be either indigestible to becoming toxic.  Your body suddenly goes from a process of creating energy from easy to digest foods into a race to remove dangerous toxins from your body.

Do You Want Energy To Burn? :

Do You Want Energy To Burn? Raw foods are the energizing factor in a healthy diet.  If you watch someone who eats a diet high in raw foods you will see them buzzing with energy.  They always have enough energy to do what they want and look happy being busy.  The average person who eats only cooked foods is lethargic, lacking in energy, and always is seeking an energy boost. What has Red Bull become one of the most popular drinks in the USA?  Why is coffee the number one beverage consumed in the morning?  It is because they both give people a temporary rush of energy.  What if you could have those levels of energy every moment of the day? The benefits of a raw food diet are the fact you will feel healthier and energized because you are.  Eating a raw food diet is not about finding a way to lose weight.  It is a way to change your entire life.  You will be eating for energy, health, and have the side benefit of losing weight easily. When it comes down to the question of raw foods vs cooked foods there is no real comparison.  One is natural, healthy, and empowering, while the other is unnatural, filled with toxins, and energy draining.  You must make the choice what is right for you.