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Performance Physical Therapy has a certified therapist who specializes in the Schroth Method, a scoliosis treatment approach that has proven effective in treating spine curvature issues. Our therapist with create scoliosis treatment exercises within the Schroth Method that will help elongate and stabilize the spine in a three-dimensional plane. Call any of Performance Physical Therapy’s five locations in Fairfield County, CT or visit us online at


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Physical Therapy Scoliosis:

Physical Therapy Scoliosis Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness

Important to know About Scoliosis :

Important to know About Scoliosis Scoliosis is a condition, most commonly found in children, in which the spine has an abnormal curve. In most children, a healthy spine has a natural curve from front to back. A spine with scoliosis curves both from front to back and sideways, potentially causing deformities, breathing problems or other issues in severe cases.

Three primary Components to the Schroth Method for Scoliosis:

T hree primary Components to the Schroth Method for S coliosis Restoring muscular symmetry and alignment of Posture. Breathing into the concave side of the body. Awareness of Posture.

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