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At Performance Physical Therapy, our musculoskeletal specialists provide a wide array of services to treat the core of any problem. Our experts are hands-on in your recovery process, using the latest research and techniques to treat any problems you may have. For scoliosis treatment, we offer a revolutionary treatment known as the Schroth Method. Our Schroth-certified physical therapists customize an exercise program that helps return the spine to a natural position by de-rotating, elongating and stabilizing. This method restores muscular symmetry and alignment of posture to create lasting scoliosis relief. Call today or visit our website to learn more:


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Scoliosis Treatment at Performance Physical Therapy Scoliosis is a condition most commonly found in children in which the spine has an abnormal curve. In most children a healthy spine has a natural curve from front to back. A spine with scoliosis curves both from front to back and sideways potentially causing deformities breathing problems or other issues in severe cases. Scoliosis treatment depends on the severity of the curve in the afflicted individual. The more severe the curvature the more intensive the treatment. In most cases of mild or moderate spine curvature the individual does not experience back pain or other related health problems. Because the spine can curve in a variety of ways conditions or symptoms of scoliosis differ from one patient to another. Some symptoms or conditions may include: uneven hip heights or positions one shoulder blade protruding more prominently than another the head not being centered over the rest of the body or one arm appearing to be longer than the other when the child stands up straight. Typical treatments for scoliosis include back braces other non-invasive physical therapies and in worst- case scenarios surgery. But one non-surgical scoliosis treatment the Schroth Method is often very successful – and the Schroth Method is available at Performance Physical Therapy.

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The Schroth Method is a non-surgical option that uses exercises specifically designed for each patient depending on the severity of their spine curve. The treatment was developed by a German mother and daughter in the late 1800s after the mother Katharina Schroth was unsuccessfully treated with bracing for her scoliosis. There are three primary components to the Schroth Method for scoliosis:  Restoring muscular symmetry and alignment of posture: When the spine curves it affects the muscles in the back. The muscles on one side weaken while the muscles on the other may become overworked and more prominent. Schroth exercises seek a balance and try to achieve symmetry.  Breathing into the concave side of the body: One of the most important aspects of Schroth. This breathing technique rotates the patient’s spine in a manner that helps to reshape the rib cage and surrounding tissue. The reshaping of the rib cage helps realign the spine over time.  Awareness of posture: As she first developed her treatment technique for scoliosis Katharina Schroth used mirrors to help her patients develop and awareness of their posture. By correcting a patient’s posture Schroth helped to re-align the patient’s spine as they walked through the house or walked to the market. A Schroth treatment program will vary depending on the patient. At Performance Physical Therapy our scoliosis treatment will begin only after a consultation with the patient’s personal physician so that our customized exercise plan gives you or your child the best opportunity for a positive result.

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