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Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre was founded by Amy Gilbert. It was developed to provide the Abu Dhabi community with access to state-of-the-art rehabilitation services provided by well experienced and dedicated health professionals. Our target audience are young, old, high level athletes, sedentary workers to pregnant ladies.


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Speech Therapy Abu Dhabi - Best Speech therapist in Abu Dhabi - Pediatric speech and language therapy in Abu Dhabi - Best speech and language therapist in Abu Dhabi - Rehabilitation center Abu Dhabi Physiotherapy clinics in Abu Dhabi - Prolonged poor posture results in a build up of pressure on muscles which have to work extra hard to compensate for the malalignment. Physio in Abu Dhabi - When in correct posture the spinal bones help to create an efficient system. However when the alignment is lost due to poor posture the muscles come under increasing strain. This is when you can develop those nasty aches and pains. Best Speech therapist in Abu Dhabi - It is interesting to note that for every inch that the head moves forward on the shoulders the weight of the head increases by at least 10 pounds. Which means that if the weight of the head is 12 pounds and if the head is tilted past the shoulders by about 3 inches then it puts about 42 pounds of pressure on the cervical neck musculature Speech therapy Abu Dhabi - One quick and easy way to assess your posture is to have someone take a photograph of you from the side and the back. From side on you drop an imaginary plumb line. The line of gravity passes through: the external auditory meatus ear then approximately midway through the trunk going through the bodies of cervical and lumbar vertebrae then it passes through the hip joint approximately through greater trochanter of femur then anterior to the knee joint and finally anterior to lateral malleolus

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Nutritionist in Abu Dhabi - When viewed from either the front or the back the vertical line passing through the bodys centre of gravity should theoretically bisect the body into two equal halves with the body weight distributed evenly between the two feet. What can we do to improve our posture Be proactive ● Be more aware of your posture throughout the day and take frequent breaks to move around. ● Work on exercises that strengthen your core muscles and your mid back muscles. ● Do stretching exercises with your back on a wall or lying flat on the ground moving your arms overhead. ● Avoid being a couch potato as it is in these slumped rest positions that your core muscles tends to shut off. Dietitian in Abu Dhabi - The great news is the more time you spend maintaining correct posture the easier it becomes. This occurs for two main reasons. Firstly your core muscles will be forced to switch back on and work. Secondly your muscle ‘memory’ improves so over time maintaining this position occurs more naturally. Pelvic floor physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi - When is the last time you went to a brunch buffet style lunch or gathering How did you feel afterwards Do you remember what you ate As research shows that increased variety affects how much we eat here are a few strategies to stay in your comfort zone and true to your health goals. 1. How hungry will you be when you get there We all know that going grocery shopping when we are starving is not the best idea. Same goes for events and gatherings. Try to eat a healthy snack before the event and plan to be slightly hungry. On the scale below 4 to 6 is where we make the best choices about quality and quantity.

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2. Find a friend to do this with. Could you identify a friend that will attend the event and with whom you can share your plan and get support 3. Look at all the options without a plate in your hands. Go around the buffet area and look at all the options available. Identify the ones that really attract you. Take the time to smell and enjoy the colours and presentation. After all we also eat with our eyes 4. Smaller wins the race. If available pick the smaller plate size. Research shows that people eat less when they need to get up again to serve themselves. You can go back to the buffet if you are still hungry. Keep in mind that certain food are tastier when warm taking a smaller plate ensure that you will not feel rush to eat fast before the food gets cold. 5. Mix it up. Pay attention to the composition of your plate. If possible start the meal with your favourite salad and be attentive to maintain the following proportions in your plate: ½ vegetables ¼ proteins ¼ grains or starchy vegetables or bread. 6. Savour each mouthful You probably know which food is higher in fat sugar and salt. You might want to be selective but whatever you choose make sure to get full satisfaction. The slower you eat your food the more time you give your taste buds and your brain to register that you are eating tasty food. Use all your senses and try to guess the ingredients in the dish

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7. Be very attentive to your body signals and stop eating when you feel comfortable and energized 4-6. Do not wait until you are too full uncomfortable and sleepy... 8. Drink water with a wedge of lemon or lime or fresh herbs for their taste and festive flair. Keep a drink in your hand while you are standing around at events. It is harder to eat while one hand is occupied 9. Being at peace is a position of power. When turning down food smiling and using humour goes a long way. It is in all cultures to offer food and wanting people to enjoy themselves but could your loved ones be truly mad at you for not eating an extra sweet Make yourself happy if you don’t want to eat be at peace and politely say something like... "I had some already—so delicious" "Trust me Im in not malnourished" "I just cant eat anymore" "No thank you" "I will in a bit" “I’ll have to pass this time thank you so much” “I’ve reached my quota of sugary foods for today” or “Thanks but I’m working on being healthier and have already reached my limit for today 10. Have fun Choose not to put food at the centre of your attention. Think of things you can do other than eat : talk dance help out. What do you hope or want to remember from the event What do you have to gain by being more mindful about your choices and the quantity you eat Write those idea down as a reminder My dad loves to tell jokes and stories. He used to tell me this story…. Rehabilitation center Abu Dhabi - “One day the different parts of the body were having an argument to see which should be in charge. The brain said “I do all the thinking so I’m the most important and I should be in charge.” The eyes said “I see everything and let the rest of you know where we are so I’m the most important and I should be in charge.” The hands said “Without me we wouldn’t be able to pick anything up or move anything. So I’m the most important and I should be in charge.” The stomach said “I turn the food we eat into energy for the rest of you. Without me we’d starve. So I’m the most important and I should be in charge.” The legs said “Without me we wouldn’t be able to move anywhere. So I’m the most important and I should be in charge.” Then the rectum said “I think I should be in charge.” All the rest of the parts said “You You don’t do anything You’re not important You can’t be in charge.” So the rectum closed up.

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After a few days the legs were all wobbly the stomach was all queasy the hands were all shaky the eyes were all watery and the brain was all cloudy. They all agreed that they couldn’t take any more of this. So they put the rectum in charge.” Rehabilitation Pilates Abu Dhabi - For many this is just a funny story but from my dietitian point of view the moral of the story is : Digestive health is incredibly important Even if it’s not always comfortable for people to talk about it. Sports clinic in Abu Dhabi - Your digestive system is a complex and organized group of organs that are working together to convert the food you eat into energy and to get the nutrients and minerals that our body needs to work well. Did you know that our digestive system can measure up to 30 feet long. All neatly folded inside a 5 to 6 feet tall body Along this long tubes many things can happen that affect our gut’s health. Sports physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi - Amongst all gastrointestinal issues the most commonly known are diarrhea and constipation. According to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Irritable bowel syndrome IBS is the most common functional gastrointestinal GI disorder. Worldwide 10 to 15 of people suffer from IBS ranging from mild to severe conditions. IBS symptoms can include abdominal pain periodic or continuous dull pain variable and frequent constipation or diarrhea bloating nausea headache fatigue bloating cramping or flatulence. Does that sound like your day to day If so you might be wondering what could help you Research found that a diet low in FODMAPs can help alleviate IBS symptoms especially in regards to diarrhea. You probably wonder what is a FODMAP You are not alone. Pediatric speech and language therapy in Abu Dhabi - FODMAP is acronym abbreviation for 5 types of sugars : Fermentable Oligo- Di- Mono-saccharides And Polyols. Those carbohydrates sugars are highly fermentable meaning that the sugars are transformed into gas and chemicals in the gut’s bacterias. In addition to that they are not well absorbed by the digestive system. For about 75 of patients reducing the presence of those sugars in what they eat can ease their digestion. Learning disability speech and language therapy in Abu Dhabi - The Low-FODMAP diet was developed by Susan Shepherd and Peter Gibson two Australian researchers. After discussing your digestive symptoms with a doctor and receive a diagnosis of IBS you

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can seek the help of a Dietitian to navigate the specific procedures to implement and adjust the FODMAP diet to meet your personal food preferences and lifestyle and make sure that you provide your body with all that it nee ds. After eliminating certain food for 2 to 4 weeks and monitoring if the symptoms improve your dietitian will guide you to re-introduce FODMAPs one by one and identify the foods triggering symptoms. If your digestion affects you in more ways than it’s supposed to you are in charge talk to a doctor or a dietitian. We are here to listen and help. Self myofascial release SMR is becoming increasingly popular as a recovery and injury prevention strategy but what is it and does it actually help Best speech and language therapist in Abu Dhabi - Fascia is a fibrous soft connective tissue that permeates the human body forming a supportive web of tissue around all components and compartments. There are 3 types of fascia that are all interconnected: • Superficial: lies beneath the skin • Visceral: wraps around organs suspending them in their cavities • Deep: surrounds muscles and divides muscle groups into compartments. School age speech and language therapy Abu Dhabi - When fascia becomes irritated via trauma overuse disuse inflammation or lack of stretching the fascia can get stuck to the underlying muscles through the formation of fibrous adhesions. This results in restricted movement abnormal movement patterns and can cause pain. Since the fascia system is a whole body structure fascia restrictions in one area will not only affect that area but it can have knock on effect for the rest of the kinetic chain particularly those muscles and joints contained in the same myofascial sling. For example: pain in your lower back may be linked to some fibrous adhesions in the fascia in your calf perhaps from an old injury. Fodmap diet for IBS - Fascial adhesions need to be broken up and the fibres realigned with movement you can’t stretch a fascial knot. This is why manual therapies like massage of trigger point release are so effective but sometimes its not possible to get these treatments as often as you need. A simple way to do it yourself is with a foam roller or a trigger point ball. To perform fascial release simply locate the problem area and roll over the area for about 20-60 seconds. Ideally you should be able to feel your skin shifting slightly over the area you are working on. Exact dosage has not yet been established and further research is required to find out the exact time pressure and consistency to be most effective. However evidence has shown improvements in pain

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flexibility and sometimes even muscle performance following a foam rolling session Schroeder and Best 2015. SMR is a cost effective and simple method to self manage fascial tightness at home. If you would like more information or guidance on specific problem areas for you please make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists Gastrointestinal Health Diet - A lot of new mothers will tell you that one of the best gift you can bring when visiting a newborn baby is ready to eat homemade meals. This helps them to cope with the busy times as they adapt to their new parent duties: caring full time for a vulnerable growing baby human. When I visit my friends in those circumstances I sometimes bring sushi especially when I know that the mother has been craving it for the last 9 months If you ever wonder why pregnant ladies need to refrain from eating this japanese raw fish delight this blog post if for you Weight loss program in Abu Dhabi - Extra food safety precautions during pregnancy come from the concerns that certain bacterias and parasites can cause birth defects miscarriage or severe illness or death in newborns. More specifically Toxoplasmosis parasite Listeria E. coli Salmonella and Vibrio are the concern. Pregnant women and unborn children are more sensitive to food borne illness and are therefore at higher risk of getting sick from parasites and bacterias present in food. If you are pregnant and think you have a foodborne illness or suffer from nausea and vomiting diarrhea and fever consult a doctor right away. Here are important points to know and apply regarding food safety during pregnancy: 1. Avoid contact with cats and their excrements. Great news your partner has to change the smelly cat litter 2. Avoid raw meat fish unpasteurized dairy products and unpasteurized beverages e.i. juices as they are more likely to contain disease-causing bacteria viruses or parasites. That being said it’s time to cook meat like a pro. We recommend that pregnant women eat well cooked meat and fish. Most people associate well-cooked with rubber-like tough texture. Great news using a food thermometer is the best way to ensure that the food is cooked to a safe temperature while preserving the quality and avoiding over cooking. Because you can’t be sure if food is safely cook simply by looking at it follow this table to learn about safe cooking temperatures

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As is it also not recommended to eat soft and unpasteurized cheeses. Focus on what you can eat and discover new pasteurized hard cheeses like Parmesan Cheddar Swiss and Colby cheeses. If you really miss eating soft cheeses make a baked brie and make sure it reaches safe internal temperature 74°C. Breakfast is your favorite meal and you are disappointed not to be able to eat runny egg yolk and desserts made with raw eggs Let’s be optimistic there are so many ways you can cook eggs well and make it tasty Think of well cooked scrambled eggs with herbs and spices hard boiled eggs with cumin seeds omelets frittata and quiche If you are a big fan of sprouts make sure that they are thoroughly washed and well cooked alfalfa bean or any other sprout Refrigerated pâtés meat spreads and smoked seafood cold cuts and deli meats are not recommended during pregnancy. 3. Respect the cold food chain : At the grocery store pick up refrigerated foods last use a cooler bag and go directly home. If you use reusable bags for transport make sure they are clean. When cooking make sure to thaw all foods in the refrigerator not on the counter and refrigerate take-away food and leftovers within 2 hours. 4. Keep it clean Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially before and after preparing food. Fruits and vegetables have to be well washed. Remember to clean each lid before opening canned foods and beverages. Regularly clean your fridge disinfect with bleach water and rinse well. Also make sure to read the “Best Before dates” on all foods before buying or using them. 5. Prevent from cross-contamination. In simple terms it means always separate raw meat poultry seafood and eggs from other foods. Do so in your grocery cart bags and in the refrigerator. Surfaces that were in contact with raw meat eggs or seafoods should be washed. Having two different cutting boards one for raw foods and another one for ready-to-eat foods bread fruits and vegetables cooked meat is a good solution. If your favorites foods are not recommended during pregnancy and you struggle with finding alternatives consulting a dietitian can help ensure that your diet is balanced and enjoyable. Related Keywords: Physiotherapy Clinics in Abu Dhabi Physio in Abu Dhabi

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