Examples of Better Conversion Through Email Marketing Campaigns.


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An Effective Email Marketing Campaign is required to convert users into paying customers that can bring more sales and revenue for your website.


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Examples of Better Conversion Through Email Marketing Campaigns


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Best Email Marketing Campaigns Examples 1. Siege Media Siege media uses the concept of highlighting the link to attract the users to visit their website. It is undoubtedly a great idea to implement. It just redefines the concept of commerce emails to the viewers. It also makes the reading and understanding of the mail quite easy on the small screen.  2. Hotjar Another gleaming example in the series is of Hotjar. The brand is quite popular in the arena of clothing and accessories.  The concept of color combination and attractive images is an essential part of their email marketing . The mails consist of highlights for buying links in a different color. 3. Nike  Nike is a renowned brand of shoes and other related accessories. This brand has colossal prominence and name in the market. The most important thing to concentrate on here is the strategies that this firm regularly uses. Emails are an integral concept that is put up with in regards to NIKE. 


4. Timberland  Timberland is a famous brand which deals with clothing, accessories, and other essential commodities. The criteria of email blasts, which are processed by the company, include direct links to landing pages of the products. The emails consist of crispy and straightforward CTAs.  5. LifeHacker Lifehacker also uses attractive images to make the mails look more appealing. It is a popular weblog that creates a wide array of blogs. The blogs deal with various aspects of life.  The smart techniques of using attractive images in the context of sending emails is undoubtedly a great hack. 6. Under Armour Under Armour uses high definition pictures in the mails. It sends emails with the images of the products, offers, and services. It is good to go technique as it directly increases the conversion rates out of the email campaigns .   The firm of advertisement mainly deals with enticing the interest of the customer in the services.  Best Email Marketing Campaigns Examples


7. Starbucks Starbucks is yet another example of a successful email advertising pattern. The brand is already a highly celebrated one. It keeps on adding more grace to its name by using exceptional strategies in the direction of branding. Starbucks sends attractive emails to its consumers. The central attraction of mails is the beautiful email templates and usage of high-quality images.  8. Nikon Nikon is a highly popular camera brand. The main aim of Nikon promotional mail is to make the potential users understand their purpose. The camera brand uses the technique of sending tip of the day mail daily to the users. It is a smart move from the brand. Best Email Marketing Campaigns Examples


Visit Product Page Email Marketing Best Email Marketing Campaigns Examples 9. Amazon Local  One of the astounding examples in this series is related to the email production by Amazon Local. This firm’s central idea behind the creation of emails is to keep the matter of content short but precise. 10. Jet Blue JetBlue is a famous name in the aviation sector. It is also a big name in the email dealing arena. JetBlue creates engaging, detailed, and emotion infusing mails. These types of emails attract the motion of the customers.


These were some significant examples of known brands that use the concept of emails. Integrate the idea of an email explosion and greet success in your business. It is necessary to deem at all the essential strategies to make a service prosper. Let your firm witness all the angles of success. Obtain the criteria for  email marketing campaigns  in your firm and gain a vast range of benefits. 

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